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Chanel AD

No description

jillian ruggirello

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Chanel AD

Chanel AD man:
flat brim hat
pony tail
embroidered jacket
white button down ruffle shirt
black jeans with chains
black leather boots
darker skin tone woman:
flat brim hat
chunky necklace
sheer black top
off-white dress with ruffles on the bottom
chunky beaded belt
half glove
leather boots
darker skin tone
Signs and symbols
Interpreting signs/symbols Semiotics Cultures Guy:
Argentina- gaucho- hat
Mexico- Mariachi- jacket more conservative
women and accessories
signature jacket
ads: sophisticated Chanel Argentina
mix of cultures
Indigenious groups, for example:
-Colonization by:
Spain, France
-Many imigrants from European countries Gaucho Culture -Name originally "Quechua huachu"
or gaucho meant orphan or vagabond
-Tracked down lost cattle for ranchers
-Known for their nomadic lifestyle on horseback
-Wore wide brimmed hats because they were out in the sun all the time Mariachi -Mexican folk music groups
-Influenced by Spanish music and dress
-Wear embroidered pants
and jackets
-Wore peasant clothing until 1910 when
they began to wear uniforms that were
similiar to what wealthy hacienda owners wore

Findings -Ad has a mix of cultural influences:
both Gaucho and Mariachi influenced
by Spanish culture
-Male model- Baptiste Giabiconi: French, Corsican descent
-Not necessarily offensive- inspiration driven
-Symbols : hat representing Argentina gaucho
jacket representing Mexican Mariachi
-Influence of other cultures
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