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Medication Administration

No description

Catherine Mayers

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Medication Administration

Medication Administration
Medication Administration
- Oral
- Topical
- Ophthalmic
- Otic
- Per rectum
- Inhalation
Standards of Practice from the CNO
Dose Calculations
As needed - prn
Single dose usually has a time direction
Stat dose
- by mouth
- per os
- po
Forms: - tablet
- capsule
- caplet
- liquid suspension

- cream
- ointment
- gel
-transdermal patch or disc
- drops
- ointments

Per Rectum
- Suppositories
-Creams or ointments
- Enemas
- Puffers

- Discs
The right client
The right medication
The right reason
The right dose
The right frequency
The right route
The right site
The right time
The right documentation
Check name, hospital number and date of birth with the patient
Solid or liquid doses
Dose ordered/Dose on hand X amount on hand = amount to administer
For example...
Dose:Hydromorphone 3mg
Dose on hand: 10mg/ml
Amount on hand: 1ml
3mg/10mg x 1ml
= 0.3ml
(x)mg/kg = dose for one day
Dose: Amoxicillin 25mg per kg perday
divided into 3 doses
Child weighs 15kg

25mg x 15kg = 375mg per day
375mg / 3doses = 125mg
Types of Orders
Huge possibilities for error
Be paranoid that you
will make a mistake!!!!!!!!
If something does not look right it probably is not!!!!!!!!!
Report all errors!!!
Do not be afraid to question!!!!
Listen to the patient!!!!!!!
Good teaching increases patient complience!!!!!
Assess swallowing ability!!!!!!
Understand which medication can be crushed!!!!!!
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