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Tony and Sean's Cell Analogy

No description

Tony Z

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Tony and Sean's Cell Analogy

Basketball Court
Tony and Sean's Cell Analogy
We are doing are cell analogy on a basketball stadium. We will show you how we think a cell is similar to it.
The nucleus is like the referee. The Nucleus makes sure everything in the cell goes according to plan. A referee makes sure the game is being played right and is overlooking everybody.
It is like the fans and cheerleaders because they get everyone pumped up and they make energy. The mitochondria convert food particles and make energy for the cell.
The ribosomes are like the players. Players make points, like how ribosomes make proteins.
The nucleolus is like the coach. The coach sends players onto the court. The nucleolus makes and sends ribosomes all over the cell.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is like the gym because it keeps everyone inside, just like the cell membrane keeps all the organelles inside the cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The E.R is like the bench because that is where the plans are made and the players rest. Just like the ER holds ribosomes and gets them ready for their functions.
These are like custodians because lysosomes clean up the cell like custodians clean up the stadium.
Golgi Aparatus
This is like the people that substitute you in because after the players go to the bench, you are ready to go back into the game. The golgi aparatus sends players in the cell
This is like the floor because the floor keeps everything in place and supports the stadium.Like the cytoplasm keeps all the organelles in place
It is like a storage closet because vacuoles store things, like how people store basketball supplies in a closet.
Nuclear Envelope
It is like the security because the envelope lets larger things pass through into the nucleus, like security lets people and objects into the stadium.
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