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No description

paulina leporowska

on 27 April 2010

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Double click anywhere & add an idea Base of operations: Lebanon, several Palestinian refugee camps
Stated Goals: establishment if Palestinian State Leader(s): In November 2002, Abu Nidal died and he was the leader
No other leader has been declared, but Radullah Sahiron is close Groups declared enemies: U.S., France, U.K., Israel and other Arab nations How does group recieve funding:
Iraq, Libya, Syria Major attacks: Rome and Vienna airports in December 1985
Pan AM flight 73 hijacking in Karachi Formed: in 1974 afte Abu NIdal decided to break away from Fatah controlled by Yasser Arafat Who they target:
United states, United Kingdom, France Members: young Arab boys are recruited from refugee camps Southern Lebanon How many members: 400 men, not including some Lebanon militia Most recent attack: 1994 assasination of the senior Jordanian diplomat Assistance: Guns for hire, from the ANO (patrick seale) Hasn't been a threat for over ten years level of threat towards the United states currently: 1
used to be more,but some sites say they've been inactive since the 90s' The group hasn't really been spoken about since the 90s, most recent was a case where they were planning to bomb jordan in 2008 The enemies can't ever really respond because their unsuspected crimes/happenings Attempting to fight: they are not currently planning any fights
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