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AIDS Athens Colloquium Presentation

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Chris Copley

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of AIDS Athens Colloquium Presentation

AIDS Athens, Inc. Mission Services History Prevention/Outreach Fundraising Volunteer Management Internship Overview What I've learned Grant Writing Jackson EMC Foundation ($7,000)
Prescription Assistance
Wal-Mart Foundation (8)
David and Linda Shaheen Foundation ($3000)
Georgia Club Foundation ($3,000)
Publix Grants ($3,050)

Researched potential grants
Created prospective grantor database
Wrote 12 grants/applications, majority for prevention/outreach Main contact for volunteers
Responded to all volunteer inquiries
Scheduled volunteers for administrative position
Coordinated special event volunteers
Trained incoming volunteers
Communicated with volunteers through eTapestry
Began first volunteer newsletter Proposed and developed an online mentorship program
Administered OraQuick Rapid HIV Test and provided pre and post test counseling
Coordinated testing events (Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, GLBT Testing Day)
Volunteer Management
Fundraising Coordinated percentage night with Chili's
Provided FAQs online for people to donate through eBay Giving Works/Mission Fish.
Created marketing materials for fundraisers (Stadion Classic, Macy's Shop for a Cause) It is important to have a well organized volunteer program
Grantwriting is a long, and monotonous, yet rewarding task
So much to do, not enough people to do it
Nonprofits are as good as the passion that drives their staff/volunteers/supporters
Special Thanks... MNPO staff/professors/colleagues
Olivia Long and AIDS Athens
Family, friends, and loved ones Questions? For more information about AIDS Athens, visit www.aidsathens.org Founded by a group of Athens residents who attended a forum on AIDS at the University of Georgia in February 1987
Received nonprofit 501(c)(3) status two years later
AIDS Athens was named AIDS Coalition of Northeast Georgia in October 1995
In August 2004, the AIDS Coalition was renamed AIDS Athens.
AIDS Athens serves 10 counties
Case Management
Social Supportive Services
Medical Care
Food Pantry
Clothing Closet
Financial Planning and Employment Program
Educational Workshops and Days of Support

AIDS Athens, Inc. serves to address the needs of individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through supportive services and to prevent the spread of the disease through education and outreach.
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