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Monitoring Home Access and Control By Group 5

No description

Liwei Ma

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Monitoring Home Access and Control By Group 5

Smart Healthcare Package
Pioneer Smart Home LTD
Introduction - Company
Engaged in designing and selling smart home products.
Location: London.
Target Market: United Kingdom market
Slogan: You deserve the elegant life
Introduction - Germany Beck Project
Germany Beck
A residential
Around 700 dwelling units
A three-year contract
Future development of Smart Homes
Profit & Loss Account
Monitoring Home Access & Control
Smart Home System
Lighting Package
Company Structure
Personnel Arrangement

The entire system is based on ZigBee and the app
Products are broken down into packages catering to different needs
Smart Home is a future market
Primary customers will be high-tech enthusiasts that are over 35s who make an annual income of over £40k
Future revenue is growing steadily, although we have to suffer from deficits in the first two years

by MSc EM Group 5

Company Structure
Technology & Product
Project Management
Risk Management
Conclusions & Further Work
Risk Management

Profit Model
Two main sections in our project management

1, Work Breakdown Structure(WBS)
-Technology part, marketing, finance, etc.

2, Gantt Chart

Project Management

Work Breakdown Structure

Company Preparation Work
Business plan, Company registration, office rent and equipment purchase, etc.

Preparation for Germany Beck Project
Bid for German Beck project, Signing contract
Market Plan in 2016
Preparation for new technology development, plan for expanding UK market, improvement of product, etc.
Plan for 2017
Market feedback research, Plan for next 3-year strategy, employee training, etc.
Plan for Europe market
Mainly include market expansion and improvement of strategies

Milestones of Our Project in Gantt Chart

Market Growth Rate

- Growth rate for second year = £212497.81/£707,709.88= 30%
- Growth rate for third year = £416407.79/ £920,206.81= 45%
- Growth rate for fourth year = £686098.1/ £1,336,614.6= 51%
- Growth rate for fifth year = £787829.3/£2,022,712.78= 39%
- The average growth rate = (30% + 45% + 51%+39%) / 4 = 41.25%
Future development of Pioneer Smart Home Ltd.

Cash Flow
Smart Home Revenue Forecast, Global, 2012-2017
Project Aims:
Use ZigBee technology to design and construct a home automation system for the Germany Beck housing ;
Offer the most suitable smart home products to more customers in the UK market.

Company Structure
Figure General Attitude to Risks
Selling price of each package
Avoidable Risks:
Political Risks
Economic Risks
Social Risks
Technology Risks
Legal Risks
Environmental Risks
Marketing Risks
Finance Risks
Operational Project Risks
Unavoidable Risks:
Environmental Risks

Risk Management

Intellectual Property

Figure Intellectual Property Components
Our devices and their appearances
Company name, slogan, and culture
APP of products
Trade Secrets:
R&D, design, and system integration
Third Party Work:
Third party products
Gantt Chart
Milestones of our project in Gantt chart

Technology-- ZigBee
Basic Security Package

Figure Structure of Smart Healthcare System
Plus Security Package

The workflow of different components in ZigBee network
Home Appliances Control Package
Company Structure
Regional Managerial System

Integration of functions
Experience centre
More distributions
Expansion of market to Europe & Asia
Encryption & Authentication
Lighter & Smaller

 Technology & Products
Essential Package
in-wall touch screen
Smart Router
Smart Outlet
ZigBee is an open, global standards-based wireless protocol technology designed to address the unique needs of remote monitoring and control and sensor network applications
Why ZigBee?
Energy Monitor Package
Marketing Mix
Heating Control Package
An optimal cost-effective user experience for customers.
High level of living comfort and building security
Cost-effective user experience
Client focus
Market Research
SWOT Analysis
51% is a high number and shows that Pioneer Smart Home is a promising business because start from the third year our product has certain popularity in the UK so sals revenue is increased quickly.
Products in the plus security package
The Gantt Chart from 2015 to 2017
Any questions
Calculated growth rate for our company as follows: for instance years 2015 and 2016 = Sales Revenue (2016) - Sales Revenue (2015 ) / Sales Revenue (2015)
Financial Analysis
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