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Concussions In Hockey.

No description

Jacob Nicholson

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Concussions In Hockey.

Concussions In Hockey
A concussion is when the head gets hit very hard and it results in brain trauma, and incapacity. Concussions in hockey happen when a player
gets hit very hard or slammed into the boards at a force larger than
the skull can withstand.
Hockey Helmets Evolving.
The NHL is currently working with with NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association) to make visors mandatory. Visors offer more protection to the face even though they can still break.
It seems like there are more concussions now in the NHL than there used to be, even though we know much more about concussions now than we did than. It is believed to be because of the speed of the game now, it is much faster than it used to be and players are getting hit harder.


Hockey Helmet Timeline
The first player to wear a helmet
in the sport of hockey was
George Owen of the Boston Bruins
January 1, 1928.
Clint Benedict became
the first goaltender to
wear a mask in the
NHL game on
February 20, 1930.
In the 1936 Olympics, leather
helmets with wire caging to
protect the face were first seen.
Jan 1, 1936.
The first player to wear a shield
was Greg Neeld in 1973, after
he had lost his left eye due
to an opponent's high stick.
Jan 1, 1973
70% of players were already
wearing helmets by this time.
Jan 1, 1979.
In August 1979, then president
of the National Hockey League
announced that protective
helmets would become
mandatory in the NHL.
Aug 1, 1979.
The American Hockey League, the top
minor league in North America
required all players to wear
shields prior to the start of the 2006–07 season.
The NHL "strongly recommends"
them, and most players do wear them.
Jan 21, 2006
The last player to play without a helmet
in the NHL was Craig MacTavish of the
St. Louis Blues during the 1996 to 1997 season.
Sept 1, 1996
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