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00c6 DNA map

http:00c6.org - dicover the project and story universe of 00c6. Follow the production path from idea to the webseries. This presentation also includes all links to every project channel. Simply click on the URLs while zooming.

Marco Sparmberg

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of 00c6 DNA map

In a near future, China’s society has developed a critical demographic imbalance. The number of male Chinese increased rapidly. Women become a minority. A greedy subculture emerges, taking advantage of this situation. Ruled by a private conglomerate called "the æ Corporation", the market for selling the pleasure of a woman for one night to desperate men is a monopoly. The price for this exquisite virtue are the men's lives!

Set out on the remaining remote archipelago of deserted and flooded Hong Kong, men in groups of three have to compete against each other in a brutal fight of survival. The trophy, a single woman inside a secret compound. Only the last survivor is granted access...
story universe
the remains of Hong Kong after natural disasters and flooding turned 4 mountain peaks into deserted islands
Each island got acquired by the æ Corporation, equipping each with a special underground facility and surveillance technology.
season 1 takes
place here
Male, 22, Chinese. He is suffering from a severe concussion and cannot remember how he got on the island nor what his actual business is. He needs to discover everything by himself. Most of the time he simply tries to survive by finding water and food. But usually he fails due to his lack of knowledge. He appears to be a typical city guy, someone who thinks rather than acts. A spoiled young man that was ripped out of his urban comfort zone and set into a harsh wilderness. Hence, during the course of events he turns from a coward to a brutal animal without conscious. Mental and moral destruction become his allies. Eventually, he finds out that he is caught within a never ending cycle of violence.
Male, 34, Chinese white-collar guy. He thought this is an easy game and got pushed into subscribing to this "adventure" by his clique of close friends within which he constantly has to fight for acceptance as he is an outsider. As he always wanted to be part of the "cool kids" he developed a severe violence tendency without knowing his physical boundaries or capabilities. Like a rabid dog, growling, attacking people, he rages across the island in the attempt to end the situation he is in as quick as possible. Similar to Jat, he got no idea how to manage to survive in the wilderness.
Male, 28, far stronger and better trained than Jat. He is a hunter, driven by the game to track down and play with his prey. Obviously he lives on the island for quite some time, has won previous tour cycles, knows how to adopt and blend in. Hence, he "wins" Sei on a regular basis and treats her accordingly. He is an abusive character that likes to toy with people. By letting Jat settle in for the first two days, observing his very moves, studying his opponent. He is clearly superior to JAT in terms of strength but underestimates his intellect.
Female, 24, Chinese. The only women on the island, handled as trophy for each tour cycle. Possessed by the Corporation ever since her birth. She does not know a life outside the service or even what the world looks like beyond the Corporation's facilities. Branded with the Corporation's logo on her body she spends most her time underground, recovering from injuries cased by those men that win a tour cycle.
At first glance she appears to be a fragile tool for men, abused and used just for the pleasures of flesh. Anger and desperation emerged in her and become powerful weapons. She is learning how to control and seduce men that come into her compound in the hope, one day, she might find someone that can help her to escape. She can move freely on the island, enter and exit the compound at will, but still, she is a prisoner of the island.
Founded 2016, as media and
news agency, the æ Corporation
soon became the most influential
and powerful mass communication
channel within the Greater China
region. Branching into telecommunication
technology, to surveillance, to a broad
entertainment portfolio that served
in-house created consumption devices, the
Corporation quickly expanded into not just
the market leader but also the only supplier of communication, entertainment and security
solutions. By storing, maintaining and gathering
all information available from, about and for the
Chinese society the Corporation gain such a strong
monopoly that the government was forced to make a
special deal which gave them even greater influence. After receiving the mission to reinstall law and order as well as a functioning social system to a country plunged into chaos and anarchy due to the lack of women, the Corporation founded the Typhoeus Program. Special designed island destinations serving the need of men, recreating balance.

Password: 00c6
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