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PE Report - Boogie Group 1

Judith Aligno

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of BOOGIE

Boogie Woogie
is a social jazz dance closely related to swing dancing.
It involves a six-beat dance pattern, usually called as
"step, step, triple step, triple step,"
with the dancer traveling in a forward pattern while performing these counts.
Originally developed as a style of blues music, the Boogie Woogie is often danced to
rock n' roll music
During the 1950s, today’s boogie-woogie would have been known as “rock ‘n’ roll.” Although the dance can go with boogie-woogie music, it’s more often paired with rock music. Because rock ‘n’ roll dance was already established in dance competitions (Acrobatic Rock n’ Roll), boogie-woogie had to find an alternate label. It adopted a name based on the music with which it was often paired: fast-paced, boogie-woogie style piano.
GROUP 1: Boogie
Judith Fe Christina Aligno
Patricia Louise Rivera
Carlo Jay Lim
Angelika Victoria Villablanca
Boogie Dance, or Boogie-woogie is a form of swing dancing that was originally known as “Barrelhouse” dancing. It is called
in Europe, but this dance is more
commonly known as East Coast
swing in the United States
The step variation for boogie dance is
six or eight count
Boogie-woogie can be danced in social situations (mostly in Europe), or in competitions (worldwide). As a competitive dance, boogie-woogie is a "led" dance,
without any choreography
or acrobatic movement.
can be slow or fast
. When fast beats are used, boogie-woogie often moves into East Coast swing, Hollywood style and jitterbug.

Basic Steps
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