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Heather Lacey

(C) Interpersonal Communication Class - Final Project - Full Sail University- 2015

Heather Lacey

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Heather Lacey

Self Reflect: Expressive Conflict Concept
A lot of people in my past liked to use coercive power because they were older and that in their perceptions meant that they had more authority. However, their power of being in authority was often over the line abusive, which had a lot to do with that my Mother was adopted among other things. The Family that adopted my Mother took me over and a few members of the family had took out their angers on me. That is one of my reasons for building the trait to use expressive conflict in my communication.
Reflect of Others: Communication Crimes That Others Commit
The 2 Communication Crimes that others commit that cause me to be irritated are:
Self Reflect: Avoid Behaviors
When I exhibit Avoid behavior, I usually am listening and observing a person and then based on a few collected overall traits of past interactions that hadn't gone so well- that is when I then had decided that I would use the avoid tactic to get them to leave me alone.
Reflect of Others: Avoid Behavior
When others avoid me, they usually do the same that I would do if I was avoiding and it is not a trait that is easily noticed. That is why it is important do talk out things instead of avoid.
Reflect of Others: Selective Listening Behavior
I have met a few people in my life that don't like to respond or even speak at all while I am in a conversation with them. That makes me upset because it makes me think that they do not want to communicate with me and be a part of the conversation.
Heather Lacey
4.2 Final Project: Pet Peeves
Interpersonal Communication
Full Sail University- 2015

Self Reflect: Avoid Solution
I have begun to understand avoiding and have learned to always try to use vocal expression when there is something that I am upset about because it won't hurt to communicate even though I have a bit of history that people were physically abusive to me.
Self Reflect: Expressive Conflict Solution
My solution for expressive conflict is that I am going to stay "Godly" and not let people that want to ruin my day effect me because they are just ignorant to loving people and showing kindness. I do not want to be like that and I will use Gaming Features to express my expressive conflicts. I enjoy it.
Self Reflect: My 2 Communication Crimes
The 2 Communication Crimes that I think that I sometimes am guilty of are:
Self Reflect: Expressive Conflict Behaviors
Most of the times that I was exhibiting expressive conflict were related to believing that I needed to in order to dish back revenge to people that were treating me unkindly.
Avoid & Expressive Conflict
Self Reflect: Avoid Concept
Avoid & Selective Listening
Reflect of Others: Avoid Concept
Reflect of Others: Selective Listening Concept
Reflect of Others: Avoid Solution
Reflect of Others: Selective Listening Solution
Reflect On Class
In my past Authority was one reason that I would avoid. When I perceive that a person was trying to put authority over me, I would always avoid them.
A lot of the people that have avoided me in my past were talking to others behind my back and that contributed to creating a conflict within the environment.
A lot of the time that a person is choosing to communicate with selective listening, they are only choosing to respond when they want to compete with what is being said. It is one of the things that I listen for in a conversation. I prefer to talk with someone that is just talking about interest and not competing with me. Being a friend with someone should not require a battle remark.
As a solution to keep from needing to fix people avoiding me, I plan to follow the golden rule and respect everyone when they are communicating and sharing things with me. I think that will help others to respect me and that will keep us out of conflict with one another.
To avoid others deciding to exhibit selective listening I am going to remember to not let my attitude with another person be my main expression because someone may think that I have attitude with them and they will then not want to listen to me. Also, keeping interest in what they talk about will also help. Showing equality of interest in what is being shared.
From the skills that I have learned in Interpersonal Communication, I plan to keep on being nice to others who seem to be interested to talk to me and not avoid them. I am going to open my heart and not let my past experiences make me isolate any longer because I am a great person that deserves great interactions with others in return.
Thank You To All Associating Interpersonal Communication Team Faculty!
Your Class has prepared me for the great road ahead- with Expert Communication Skills and I am very excited to progress & mingle!
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