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Pansori in pictures

No description

Young ran Jin

on 21 August 2012

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Transcript of Pansori in pictures

Tip Look more closely.. A pansori performance is like this mountain - it looks big. It IS big. But... Pansori Pre-modern oral tradition - ritual Symbol of Korean nationalism and high art Expression of Yangban aesthetic values and ethics Adaptation Origins New stage New status Pre-modern oral traditions Shamanistic ritual New audience New tastses A tree with many branches History Society Culture Ethics Language Folk tradition Oral heritage Nationalism Humanism Shamanism Ritual Ceremony Neo-Confucianism Literature Music Performance Philosophy Poetry Humor Satire "Han" Flow Inter-textual Alive and well Traditional? Expression of resistance New performers In education People Sound Resistance Catharsis Perspective It's all a question of perspective. Ceremony Pan Sorrigun Gosu Audience Ritual and Flow Sori Sound from nature Sound beyond nature Features of pansori Psychology Pansori and technology Fusion?? Understanding pansori Origins and adaption Member Member Member Pansori today Member
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