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Autobiography for Language Arts

Jessie Martins

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Me!

Name - Jessica L. Klassen
Hair - Dirty Blonde
Height - 5'5
Eyes - Dark Brown
Birthday - 1999 February 24
Birthplace - Leamington, Ontario
My Top Ten Favorite Things!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Food ;P
9. Omninivores!
lol inside joke
8. Funny Hats!
7. PIGS!
6. TV
5. Music
4. Doodling
3. Friends <3
2. Family
1. God!
I have 6 people in my family,
My parents, 2
sisters, Monica and April,
and me.
Stuff I'm Good At
Stuff I'm Bad At
*pretty much anything with a ball
*remembering stuff
i love pie
I'm a Christian.
Bullying is stupid.
are just as good as

I have an irrational fear of curtains
Stuff you
should know
If you step on my shoe
laces purpously you will
regret it
If you ask me stupid
questions you will
recieve sarcastic
Sick = Cranky
In my opinion, my
best quality is that
I never care what other
people think of me.
If I could change anything
about myself it would
probably be my fear of
public speaking. I can
usually talk to people
really easily but when I
have to, I freak out. Does
that make sense?
Oh Baby!
One day my mom decided
to repaint the insides of our
cabinets in the kitchen.
She worked all day long. Emptying the cabinets,
layering the white, oil-base paint and refilling
and reorganizing the contents.
At last she was on the
final cupboard at the
bottom by the sink.
My mom emptied out the bowls and
covered the inside of the cabinets
in a thick layer of paint.
After she finished the paint job, she left
to answer the phone, leaving me alone
in the kitchen.
I suppose my 3-year-old mind had spent a majority of the day formulating the perfect plan to be the biggest pain in the butt as possible.
I wobbled over to the sink and crawled inside the newly-painted cupboard.
When my mom found me I had already messed up
the paint job and ruined my clothes, (but that's okay,
it was a terrible sweater anyway.)
She pulled me out of the cupboard
and brought me into the bathroom.
She threw out my sweater and pants knowing fully well that the paint wouldn't come out.
After about 2 seconds of scrubbing my head she
realized it was hopeless. She grabbed the scissors
and chopped off what little hair I had.
While she washed off my hands, I
sat quietly with a satisfied smile
on my face.
9:00 - Wake up
9:30 - Breakfast with my family
10:00 - Go to Diagon Alley with Mykayla
and Katie
-Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
-Flourish and Blotts
12:00 - Lunch
-pizza with stuffed crust
4:30 - See a 3D movie in theaters with
my friends
6:30 - Dinner with my family
-chinese buffet
1:00 - Go go-karting with my family
7:30 - Get a pet pig
8:00 - Read
9:30 - Watch a movie with my pig
11:00 - Read the bible
11:30 - Go to sleep
1:30 - Go to Canada`s Wonderland and
ride all the rides I want with no
The End
lol minecraft
When it comes down to it... I let them think
what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I am already better than them
- Marilyn Monroe
I'm usually happy, I'm pretty weird, I'm
outgoing, I'm clumsy (not as clumsy as
Katie though) and I can be very annoying
(better actually)
When I was 18 months old I met Katie (interesting story that you will never here)
When I was 4 my little sister Monica was born.
When I was like 8 or something I broke my wrist (interesting story too)
and I'm still a kid so this list will grow.
When I was a little kid,
I won the art fair like
all the time. (Even though
when I look at it now it
seems pretty terrible)
In grade 1 I got
third place in a
fire awareness
poster contest.
A couple months ago
I made Mac and Cheese
without messing up!!!
and my most amazing
accomplishment (even
more amazing than
getting Katie to like
It only took like 5 attempts...
Music - Don't Mine at Night - Minecraft Parody of Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
In gr. 2 I became friends
with Mykayla
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