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My Family

No description

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of My Family

My Life
I was born on may 24, 1998 in Galvston, Texas. I moved to Atlanta, GA when i was 2.
My family
its my dad Jubention, my mom Martina, my older brother Jubention Jr. 27, my second older brother Ivan 24, me 15 ,my little sister Annabel 12, my little brother 10
My ChildHood
my childhood was good. i loved it!!! but we would always have to move to a diffrent apartment until we moved to a house. I met alot good firends. my brithdays were really good when i was little.
elementary school
my elementary was okay i went to 2 different school. the first school i went was Argyle elementary didnt really like that school. i bearly talked to anyone i was always the quite ones in school i never talked to anyone in school. until i moved to a house and went to a new school and that school was called Green Aceres. when i went to that school i loved it. i made new firends and i talked more than i did in the other school.
Middle school
the middle school i went was campbell middle which my older brothers went to. when i was there i joined orchestra. then in 7th grade i met a girl name denise she would always talk to me. when i strated talking to her she made me talk more then i had more firends than i did in elementry. overall i didnt really like middle school .
High School
my first year in high school was okay. i met new people. lost my old firends. i didnt really like my class but i haved to take them. then when the school year ended i had my quinces party.
Mis Quinces
once school end i went to texas in june and july. i had to pratice alot for my 15. until the big day came on
July 06, 2013.
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