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Persuasive Paragraphs

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sandra guerrero

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Paragraphs

Persuasive paragraphs must have the general features of academic writing for granting coherence and cohesion of ideas
Make sure you have specific, logical reasons to back up your argument.
Advantages of persuasive paragraphs
Steps to persuade
The how to
Pesuasive writing should have these things:
Group 4
Academic Writing- UNAD
Sandra Guerrero C.
Persuasive Paragraphs
Writers try to convince readers
Sample of persuasive paragraph
Academic writing
Academic writing is an important part of the learning process of undergraduate students. Most of the assignments that students have to perform during their learning have to do with writing different kinds of texts, such as essays, reports or summaries, so it is necessary to have a previous knowledge and development of writing skills. Besides, if students do not demonstrate they have the ability to make clear reflections by means of argumentative or persuasive paragraphs, they may look like not having a proper opinion concerning specific topics, which is something unexpected in all professional settings. Instead, students must learn how to state an opinion and how to support it for making their learning a constructive practice to build new proposals based on the debate of ideas. That is why students of all fields should be prepared on academic writing as a way to prompt their success in their learning.
Persuasive Paragraphs
When there is an intention to convince and gain the agreement of the readers the communication deals with a persuasive function of language which can be evidenced in the purpose of paragraphs.
A persuasive paragraphs is a kind of strategy used by writers in order to influence the opinion of the reader and make him accept a certain viewpoint or insight, furthermore, the readers maybe led to take actions. 
These general features are:
A topic sentence
to introduce the opinion or idea to convince the reader with. It's a general statement.
Supporting sentences
to explain the idea expressed in the topic sentences. In a persuasive paragraph, supporting sentences use to bring proofs, show evidences, statistics or logical arguments to make people trust on writer's opinion and get them convinced.
A concluding sentence
to summarize the information by turning back to the topic sentence and consolidate the intention to persuade.
1. Position Sentence: This is the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. This is when you state your opinion or "take a stand".

2. Supporting Reasons: Think of three specific reasons why the reader should agree with you. Fully explain each reason and maybe mention what might happen if they don't agree with you. This is written in several paragraphs in the middle or "body" of your essay or letter.

3. Conclusion: This is the last paragraph where you restate or "remind" the reader of what your opinion is, or what you believe they should do.

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