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the scarlet letter

chapter 24

brianna hayes

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of the scarlet letter

The Scarlet Letter: Chapter 24 by: Brianna Hayes What happened next? Pictures Hester Prynne Hester and Pearl Dimmesdale The Rest... And then... Then One Day... A Change The Acccounts The Other Story Reasons: The Accounts Some people believed that Chillingworth had put the scarlet letter on Dimmesdale's chest though his magic potions. Others believed that Dimmesdale had inflicted it upon himself because of his guilt. Some even believed that it was the effect of his constant remorse. They believed that the remorse had gnawed out of his heart and revealed Heaven's judgement upon his chest. Several respectable witnesses also
accounted that there was no mark on Dimmesdale's chest at all. They stated that he was "as bare as a newborn". After Dimmesdale's death Roger Chillingworth changed drastically. His appearance and personality were altered. He became very weak and shriveled up almost immediately after Dimmesdale's death. His one pursuit in life, revenge, had finally vanished and he basically had nothing else to live for. He had done the Devil's work all his life and now his work was done. Most believe that he returned back to his master, the Devil, after he died less than a year after Dimmesdale. Chillingworth left a great inheritance to Pearl, Hester and Dimmesdale's child. The inheritance included large properties in Boston and in England. Shortly after his death Hester and little Pearl disappeared and were not heard from for many years aside from the rumors floating around the village. During this time the story of the scarlet letter grew into a legend. The platform where Dimmesdale had died and the cottage that Hester and Pearl had lived in were thought of in awe by the townspeople. Then one day some children saw an old women walk up to the old cottage and enter it. When she paused the children saw the scarlet letter on her chest and knew it was Hester Prynne. Pearl was nowhere to be found though. No one knew if she had died at a young age or if she was alive and married by then. People in town assumed the second option because letters with official seals and little trinkets and fancy objects from far away lands decorated Hester's home. People knew that someone cared for the aging women. It was even said that Hester had sewn a babies dress that was so extravagant it would have raised an outcry in the town. Hester lived the rest of her days in the cottage continuing her seamstress work. She never took the scarlet letter off her chest the rest of her life. Women came to Hester to ask for advice about their unloving husbands and their constant battles with temptation. Many years later when Hester died she was buried in the burial yard beside where King's Chapel would be built. It was close to the grave of Dimmesdale but separated because people still thought that even in death the two lovers still "had no right to mix'. Although the two were separated they shared one headstone and carved into it read "On a field of black, the letter A in scarlet." There were many different accounts of what happened in the event of Dimmesdale's death. One account was that Dimmesdale had a scarlet letter just like Hester's imprinted on his chest. Another account stated that Dimmesdale did not have any mark on his chest at all.
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