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Raising money for seniors in need of assistance

No description

Edward Gaxiola

on 20 December 2010

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Transcript of Raising money for seniors in need of assistance

Click anywhere & add an idea Problem
Solution Obstacles Process and Execution *Self-Evaluation & Advice* Process & Execution The major conflict that I decided to take up was the issue of Seniors paying off their dues in order to be able to graduate. The problem ofcourse is the cost of senior dues which when calculated alltogether would be a total of $386.00 per senior. This is a major inconveinence for some of if not all the parents who have a senoir enrolled at Murphy high. Money!! Mission statement To esablish a support fund to actively meet the financial needs of graduating seniors at Murphy High with the idea of this fund being perpetual and growing in the years to come. Goals 1. Establish a fund
2. Creating letters and articles
which communicate the mission
of the project and then distributing
these documents to local business
owners, individuals, and
community organizations. Identifying the seniors that are in the greatest need of assistance which I wouldn't do myself, but instead the principal and finance officer Ms.Susan Odell would handle.
So I would be helping seniors yet not knowing exactly which one's I'm helping which is good because that's personal and should be kept confidential.
Meaning This project was definitely worth my while mainly because it gave me a chance to help kids (seniors) that are struggling to get by which at one time was me. I used to be the one that was in there postion, in their shoes and I know what it's like dealing with issues like the one senior dues presents to some families. Was it a feasible project? I say that it was because it definitely had meaning to me. I've experiencd what struggling kids are right now are experiencing. To do more for the world than the world does for you- that is success. -Henry Ford Before the project ever took off I knew that there would be some barriers that stood in the way of my intentions. The first being how I managed my time because I tend to procrastinate a lot. The next, which was the harder one was how to ask the right people for donations. A third would be advertising my project. The obstacles that I thought were going to phase me actually did, but not to bad, because once I got to really thinking about how I would execute my project I figured out a plan. First, I wrote a letter to a handful of businesses located here in Murphy. Next I was interviewed by a journalist that was currently writing a article similar to what my project was about, and last I wrote a letter to the editor. The hardest part about my project was realizing
that getting donations wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be, and because of this I didn't reach the expected amount of money I was trying to raise. However I did raise enough money to atleast pay for one senior which is good because even though I didn't fully reach my goal, I did help out a senior and that's something I can sit back and smile about. KAPEESH. I have to be honest, I set some goals that I believed were possible not realizing that I wouldn't even
come close them. Raising enough money being among the most important of these. I was supposed
to raise enough money to cover for 5 senoir's senoir dues, which would have been close to 2,000
doll hairs. I rasied enough for one. My mentor was Mrs.McCoy and she
helped me map out exactly what I was
going to do week by week. She was very
enthusiastic about my project and made me
feel optimistic about it even when people
weren't donating money. She kept me on
track and focused. I decided the best way to go about completing my project was to take
it one step at a time, and since I had two months to complete it I
made each important step week by week meeting by meeting. All together I raised $450 doll hairs which wasn't what I was aiming for but it was enough to cover for one senior's senior dues.
My target was to cover for 5 seniors which would have been $1,930. Nevertheless, I was happy that I raised any money at all. Well I didn't reach my entire goal but I did manage to pay for some senior's senior dues so that's a good thing. One thing I taught myself throughout this project is that even when things wern't going my way I'm still able to see the brightside of things which were that I atleast helped one person out. My biggest suprise came when people began actually donating money because to be honest I didn't think people would. I would strongly encourage any upcoming senior or any senior who will be taking this class in the spring to take up this project because if gives makes you look like you've helped someone by doing a positve thing for them, which you have. ADVICE My only advice that I would give for an upcoming senior is to pick a project that's do-able. You want to pick something that has realistic goals to it.
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