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Aryn's Prezume

A preview into my interests, passions, and goals. (As well as why I want to work for Prezi!)

Aryn Shelander

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Aryn's Prezume

One of the most meaningful User Experience Research projects I worked on was called Homes for Haiti Hi, I'm Aryn I love visualizing information, This is my notebook Enhance our society's sense of Well-being. Cognitive Designer I studied Cognitive Design at
UC Berkeley So what is
Cognitive Design? 1. Cognitive Science Cognitive Design uses three modes to inform design decisions: 1. Cognitive Science For example, through studies, we've learned that decision fatigue (aka the "Choice Paradox") shows that Someone who can choose from 5 jelly flavors is more likely to buy one, than someone who has 30 choices. Too many choices is frustrating. vs. Deputy Chief of Los Angeles
Department of Transportation Lead user = The President of Aurora Pens, Cesare Verona, told me that they got an immediate pen order when a customer saw my advertisement being posted in a local store. : ) Informed User Interface } citations? broken meters? expired plate? Citation already on dash? handicap exempt? time expired. street cleaning? poor signage? take No Action? government vehicle? 2. User Research My challenge is to understand how Rudy Thinks (as well as other Parking Enforcement Officers.) Rudy Carrasco From my User Experience Research, I streamlined the workflow to fit the officers' mental map of the ticketing process. Promotional Poster I designed
for a local Rock climbing gym. An Interface I designed for I do User Experience Research In the big picture, I think like a (I'm the one painted blue and gold) MY
Design My goal is to 3. Design Intuition Marketing's
+ 2. User Research 3. Design Intuition Used to bring insight to
how our minds work. Card Sorting & Interviews parking citation? government exempt? Handicapped? Over time? expired registration? street sweeping? take no action? opportunity cost? vehicle number? I look forward to applying my User Experience Research and Cognitive Design background at Prezi. Hope to meet you soon. + = Cognitive Design STREETLINE: Smart Parking and Want to work for Prezi Following, is an example of user experience research I conducted while working at STREETLINE: Smart Parking completed during my internship
at Aurora Pen; Italy 2012 Website: http://174164.edicypages.com/portfolio Acrobatics! (favorite hobbie):
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