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Jimmy Choo

No description

katherine ayala

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo
Jimmy's 1st Steps
In 1996 Jimmy made his 1st shop in an old hospital building.
Within 2 years, he was featured in an eight-page spread in a vague magazine.
Jimmy made 20 pairs of shoes every week.
Most photographed woman, Princess Diana loved to wear Choo's footwear everywhere she went.
The Rising of Jimmy Choo
In the late 1990's Jimmy had stores in Los Angeles and New York.
Expanded from shoes to Handbags and Accessories
In 2001, Choo sold half of his company to Robert Bensoussan of Equinox Luxury holdings for $30 million.
Has a line with couture.
Jimmy Choo has one daughter ( Emily ) and a wife ( Rebecca )
Jimmy Choo
Designs for both male & female
Known better for his shoes than his handbags / accessories / clothes
Some of his Accessories are : Sunglasses, wallets ( males & females ) Ipad cases, Scarves, Belts, Fragrances and Passport Covers
Jimmy Choo's Preferences
Some unique materials Jimmy Choo prefers: Snakeskin ( Particularly Python ), Fish scales, Fur, Feathers and even Diamonds.
His Preferred Fabrics : Suede, Satin and Shantung.
One of his signature colors is NUde. Jimmy says "When you wear nude-colored shoes, your legs look visually longer."
Jimmy Choo's Awards
Datukship Honour,
Outstanding Chinese designer award ( 2011 )
Ambassador for Footwear Education of Fashion
Spokesperson for the British Council
Esteemed title of Dato by the Sultan of Pahang
British accessory designer of the year
A couple of Jimmy Choo's Male And Female Designs
Male Accessories
Female Accessories
Famous For Handbags And Shoes
Jimmy Choo Fun Facts
Was born Jimmy CHOW, his name was misspelled on a registry and he never corrected it.
Jimmy Choo is considered one of the most famous Malaysians
Princess Diana was so in love with his shoes, he lost count of how many shoes he made for her.
Jimmy Choo recently opened his first men’s boutique in Asia in Hong Kong’s Elements Mall.
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