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Roshni Mehta

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Zombie

Thank You!

What Do Zombie Films Teach Us About Culture and Humanity?
Fears Affecting Survivors Emotionally, Psychologically, and Physically
Zombies Bringing People Together

- Zombie movies revolve around a group of people being left alone to consequently depend on each other.
-There are two ways Zombies bring humans together:
1) The human’s fear of becoming a zombie causes them to congregate.
2) The human’s desire to eliminate zombies cause them to congregate.
-We see complete unrelated strangers begin putting others before themselves.
-We see a similar situation in
28 Days Later
with Selena, Hannah, and Jim who don't know each other but are willing to work together for survival
-Zombies bring people together by everyone trying to protect each other from becoming a zombie themselves.

Fears Surrounding Cannibalism & Contamination

Zombie Project
Jennifer Anaya April Cano
Samuel Chang Aima Choudry
Jamie Janchoi Roshni Mehta

Commentary on Race and Class
Commentary on Gender
Commentary on Culture
Humans as "Monsters"
Zombies as "Monsters"
Meaning of "Being Human"
Fears Surrounding Death & Disease
Zombies Disrupt Social Order
: It affects Lionel in Dead Alive emotionally because he is afraid to let go of the zombie that is his mother and doesn't want to harm her so, he turns his back on other people who try to help him. He develops an unhealthy attachment to his beloved mother, blinded by what she had become and trying to mend together something that cannot be reversed.

- Being human means having morals and a conscious that evoke human characteristics such as emotions, intelligence, responsiveness, and mannerisms, all of which zombies generally lack.
-Remaining survivors in zombie films portray the loss of humanity and their own sanity.
-Humans are supposed to have order, but in the zombie films presented we see complete disorder resulting in chaos.
-Have primitive instincts:
- Steal (weapons, medical supplies, food, etc)
- Eat (humans and zombies both consuming whatever they find in the wreckage of the world)

-It is seen in some zombie movies that females hold a strong/smart role
ex) female scientist in
Day of the Dead
, Military tries to take charge of situation; living underground (light vs. dark); shift of power (zombies on top, humans on the bottom)
-In other movies such as
28 Days Later
Selena is seen as brave and a hero.
ex) Directs life-saving emergency procedures
ex) Selena immediately hacks him to death with a machete, explaining to Jim that infection is spread through the blood and overwhelms its victims in seconds

-Characters in zombie films are usually more cautious of their surroundings because they fear of running into a crowd of zombies and getting infected.
-Exception: In
Dead Alive
Lionel's situation is different because his mother is the one that is infected but he takes care of her and gives her anesthesia to tranquilize her, so that she won't (temporarily) harm anyone.
-In the other two films, whenever a zombie is seen, the survivors attempt to kill it right away to prevent them from getting infected, run away to draw less attention or because they're fearful for their lives and would rather escape unharmed.

- Fear causes people to turn against each other which disintegrate the social order humans have
-Social order is maintained when the general public does not feel like their lives are at stake
-However, the introduction of the virus RAGE (
28 Days Later
) causes a disruption of social order because this epidemic puts the lives of many at stake because of its contagious and lethal quality.
-SHIFT IN POWER: Military takes advantage of epidemic and takes control in Day of the Dead.

- While in the zombie apocalypse, humans and zombies find importance in one thing:
Zombie: Food/eating Human:survival
- humans can turn into monsters(choice), whereas zombies are made into monsters (no choice)
- Zombies are considered monsters because they can ruthlessly kill an innocent human without any form of remorse, but humans will put their lives over others to survive
- The main goal of human society and zombie society is to consume (eating each other/power)
Class Relation in Zombie movies to
The Time Machine
-Fear of contamination and fear for survival causes Selena to ruthlessly kill Zombies. (
28 Days Later
-In the beginning of
Day of the Dead
, scientist Dr. Matthew Logan attempted to find a solution. But he was too fascinated with the zombies and thought he could tame them in some way and find a logical explanation but in the end, he fed his pet zombie dead human body parts from deceased soldiers, only interested in his personal gains (intelligence/science).

When the human race is pushed to the brink of existence, the remaining survivors either end up as fragmented individuals or immoral monsters trying to survive. Their desire to live triggers primitive instincts that both result in a loss of humanity. A zombie apocalypse comes as a culture shock to the humans and although the survivors believe that the zombies are inhumane creatures, humans and zombies share commonalities that suggest a common origin between the two species.

-"Eat or Be Eaten"
-Humans are like Elois
-Elois are scared of unknown or anything bad, like humans are scared of zombies
-Elois live in light even though they think they are living in the better sides they are living in the ruins, Elois aren't the stronger species
-Zombies are like Morlocks
-Morlocks eat Elois, like Zombies eat humans
-Morlocks are seen as more savage of two, but both species are seen as inhumane, monstrous, and immoral
-Sudden shift of power between the two, known vs unknown
-zombies are living in known world and humans are left in dark in hiding
Though seemingly different, humans and zombies share common origins made more prominent due to a catastrophic event. The loss of sanity during the epidemic, increases the value of human life. A zombie apocalypse brings out primal instincts in both the survivors and the walking dead. In the end, both human and zombies lose a part of their former selves unable to reclaim the irreplaceable: their humanity.
28 Days Later
, Mailer, the infected soldier is freed by Jim and then attacks the soldiers
Zombies instinctively attack humans.
Day of the Dead
, zombies by default consume humans. But once Dr. Logan offers rewards such as a razor, Bub becomes civilized and does not attack him.
Dead Alive
, during the party scene the zombies in the basement, including Father Mcgruder and Void freely consume whoever they want.
Viewers learn that the zombie culture is one that is self seeking and has no social restraint. By default, they have no desire to become civilized.
Commentary on Religion
-Father McGruder in
Dead Alive
is initially set apart and seemingly holy prior to the exposure of Zombies. However, when he becomes a zombie, he impregnates a fellow zombie. This symbolizes the overall corruption of what a (zombie) apocalypse can do to the purest of people.
28 Days Later
, there is a scene where an infected priest chases after Jim.
Viewers learn that religion is suppression to human desires and that a zombie infection is what it takes for a religious leader to reveal that his human instincts are not any holier and that he is just like any human.

Zombiefied McGruder's hand on nurse's knees
Default Zombies
Zombie rewarded for civilized behavior
Father McGruder delivering a sermon
Eloi & Morlock
Human killing zombie
Zombie killing zombie
Dr. Sarah Bowman trying to tell the remaining survivors to go to Washington D.C. because it could be more safe; she stands up for what she thinks is a better plan than what the soldiers plan on doing.
: In zombie films it affects them emotionally because since zombies look just like humans people don't know who to trust with their lives since they want to be alive. And just want all the zombies to finish that way they can go back to their normal lives.
Ex: In
28 days Later
, Fear of being alone causes Jim to panic and lose his sanity. His fear is quenched when he meets another human being.
: It affects people in the films physically because while they are trying to stay alive, in most cases, these survivors suffer wounds from trying to get away from a group of zombies. The fear of death is what fuels their desire to stay alive.
Dr. Logan trying to tame his pet zombie, by trying to remind this walking dead of items it might have used or interacted with in its past life.
Race impurity is demonstrated through zombies, when Lionel's mother in Dead Alive gets bitten by an indigenous Rat Monkey Sumatra it reflects how Vera views Lionel seeing an orderly shopkeepers daughter Paquita, dating out of his race.
Class struggle throughout Day of the Dead in seen as the white male soldiers repeatedly put down the scientist woman Sarah, the black pilot John and the rest of assistants.
Class can be noticed in Dead Alive as Lionel's Uncle tries to take advantage of Paquita due to her lower class standing, he feels entitled to grope her
Race in Day of the Dead is seen as John the black pilot shares his living quarters with Joe but are segregated from the rest of the group and live in a trailer further away
Vera getting tranquilized by Les.
Basic survival tactic: running
Paquita freaks out when shes sees a zombie so she hugs Lionel for protection.
Captain Rhodes is beginning to portray the idea of "loss of humanity". Having the upper hand which is giving him power to act out of his usual actions.
John, the only black pilot, is segregated from all the survivors
Lionel glues back his mothers skin because guests are expecting her downstairs.
Lionel's uncle embraces Paquita
Vera getting tranquilized by Les
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