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~The Triangular Trade~

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hailey braswell

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of ~The Triangular Trade~

~The Triangular Trade~
Africa had mostly traded slaves.
New World
The new world traded new/rare raw materials such as beans, cacao, peanuts, pineapples, potatoes, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, and turkey
Europe took the traded raw materials and made new and improved products
such as horses, guns, and textiles
2. What was the Triangle trade?
trade between the New World , Africa, and Europe

3. What time period is most associated with the American Triangle Trade?

15-18th centuries

4. What impact did the triangle trade have on each of the following?
- Europe:
increase trade and new land

new items that were never seen before.

traded their people for slavery to increase trade and gain new material goods

5. What were the economic benefits of the triangle trade for the Europeans and the Colonists?
Increase trade, increase of slaves, and material goods \

6. What types of goods were traded during the triangle trade?

slaves, molasses, rum, sugar, and tobacco

Question: Who benefited the most from the triangle trade? How did this trade route lead to the establishment of slavery in the Americas?
I feel that Europe had the most benefit of the Triangular trade, because they had more access to slaves, new land, and new material goods that were introduced when the New world was found! Due to new trade and land Europe forced new trade with Africa (slaves for new material goods), therefore spreading and promoting slavery
7. What does it mean to be dehumanized?
To treat a human in humanly

9. What is morality?
A person’s sense of wrong or right

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