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a story about a life-changing encounter between a seemingly uninspired man and a boy who takes nothing for granted.

Talen Rimmer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Samuel

Samuel This isn't a story about war... Or about why people act the way we do... This is just a story about a man And a friend that changed his life. I will never forget the first day I met Samuel I found him in the bed across from mine. He was turned around, so his head was on the end of the bed, but he quickly arranged the blankets so they were covering everything but his eyes and nose. I 'd had a heart attack, and had just woken up from what the doctor called a 23 hour 'nap'. At first I ignored him, but when he asked my name, I decided I had better get to know him if we're going to be living in the same room for the next few weeks. He was just a young boy, only about 9 or 10 years old. From what I could see, he had pale, almost transparent skin, and curly brown hair. In the weeks that passed, I grew to know samuel. I learned what he liked, what he didn't like, and that he dreamed to be a docter when he grew up. He was so interested in being a doctor, he was able to tell me exactly what disease he had, and what symptoms came with it. He had tuberculosis. a disease that neither one of us wanted to talk about. I was dismissed from the hospital, but I came back every day for Samuel. I don't know how, but before I came to the hospital on that bright spring day, I knew this was going to be the day where I would have to say goodbye. When I walked in, all he did was smile. Then this boy, this incredible young boy, reached through a hole in his pillow, and pulled out a single feather. he placed it in the palm of my hand, and said "this is for you". And I almost expected him to say "this is the first one I grew".
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