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No description

Annika Olson

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of ipads

Here is how tablets are most used... iPads By Grace Thomas, Annie Lam, and Annika Olson Problem: Brief Apple timeline 1977: The first Apple PC is invented Did you know? 66% of iPad users are male and 34% are female In 2010, the Apple company finally introduced the iPad. This so called "iPad" was inspired by a tablet from 1964 that with a touch screen that you could draw on with a stylist. Too make the technology, Apple had to use things that might come in a computer. Things like: computer chips, SIM cards, WiFi, cellular usage, and a camera. when the first generation was released, it had smaller memory, a camera that was less precise, no cellular usage, and less use of blue tooth. The iPad has now been shrunken to an iPad mini. It also has gotten more advanced, more features, and changes in size, whether up or down. Did you know? Present Technology History The iPad is a mini computer that allows people to access internet, play games, email, text, read books, and use many other tools. Some materials that were used in an iPad to make it work was built in Wifi, A5 or A6x computer chip along with 2.4-5GHz for speed using all those things makes the iPad work. Once the iPad and its components have a signal, they will power the screen and make it work. Some problems with the iPad is its size. It could be too big or too small. People also say that it costs too much with certain accessories, but we can change that. Compare and contrast Problem Solution Did you know? There are 225,000 iPad apps in the app store 65% of the tablets sold in 2012 were iPads Did you know? The amount of iPad users increased by 41.7 million from 2010 to 2012 The end Thanks for listening!!! 1983: The "Lisa" a Apple Desktop is invented 1991: Apple makes The PowerBook 100, its first successful portable computer 1998: Apple Releases Mac Desktop Computers 2001: Apple Releases the iPod 2003: The iTunes store opens 2005: Apple adds video to iPods, also Apple releases iPod shuffle and iPod nano 2007: Apple comes out with the iPhone and iPod touch 2008: Apple releases The MacBook air and the app store opens 2009: The iPhone 3Gs comes out 2010: The iPad is released 2011: iPad 2 comes out early 2012: iPad 3 is released late 2012: iPad mini released iPad printers cost a lot of money and are inconvenient Our Soultion: The windows 8 tablet from Microsoft is one of the apple iPad‘s biggest competitors, here are the comparisons. The iPad 4th generation and the windows 8 tablet are roughly the same price. And the size and weight are comparable. The iPad has a longer battery life and a better display. But it does not have a full USB like the widows 8 tablet. The windows tablet cannot compare to the number of apps available on an iPad, and does not have much support for books and magazines. The iPad is more of an entertainment tablet and the windows 8 tablet better for productivity/work as it is more of a PC replacement. iPad printers prices can range from $150-$300. They also can take up a lot of space in your house. Our solution is an iPad with a built in printer. The printer would be in the bottom of the iPad so you just put as many sheets of paper you need in a slot and press the "Print" button. Then it will print. It wont effect the iPads thickness, or weight. The ink cartridges will be in the form of a flash drive, so you can just insert the colors you want and it will print!
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