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diversity 2

No description

Gabriel Lacanlale

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of diversity 2

Double click anywhere & add an idea the challenge of diversity Multicultural Curriculum ...a conceptual approach that provides a framework for understanding the experiences and perspectives of all groups. Fosters the ability to function harmoniously and productively in a multicultural society
"A teacher is a cultural mediator and an agent for change."
-Dr. J. Banks "Are we challenging students to think critically about the material they are learning?"

"Are we promoting an appreciation of multicultural voices within the classroom?"

"Are we encouraging students to question and openly discuss critical issues surrounding diversity and multiculturalism?"

"Are we truly preparing students to live in a multicultural society?"

the hidden curriculum Dr. James Banks MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION Promotes acceptance of and
respect for all cultures Develops an understanding and appreciation of one’s own cultural heritage as well as that of other cultures Fosters positive self-regard in one’s own culture and positive attitudes toward the culture of others Approaches to Multicultural Education Contributions Approach Additive Approach Transformative Approach Social Action Approach
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