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Roots of the Amercian Democracy

No description

alex M

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Roots of the Amercian Democracy

By Alex Mantong Greek English Rome had senate (demonstrated elected officials representing large groups of people) Magna Carta: listed rights that the king couldn't take away French elected officials citizens had privileges, like voting word democracy; rule the people 3 branches assembly: males, talk/vote about anything jury (people's court): vote on other's crimes council: 50 men from each of 10 tribes Parliament: inspiration for Congress English Bill of Rights: protected regular citizens from tyranny. Magna Carta -----> Houses of Parliament English Bill of Rights <------ Montesquieu - french writer The American Democracy Three Branches legislative executive judicial congress(legislative branch) white house (executive branch) supreme court (judicial branch) separation of powers --------------------------------------> Roman constitution - checks and balances
- separation of powers
- vetoes - term limits
- impeachments
- elections Council meeting John Locke - spread ideas of rights governments needed to protect John Locke Roots of the American Democracy Montesquieu Which all contributed to the creation of our American democracy French Romans England Greeks citizens branches and their purposes senate Roman Constitution documents much like our important documents congress-like body of government important people that talked and wrote about ideas we use - John Locke - Montesquieu Summary Thank you for watching! Important People All in all...
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