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AIDA Model

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on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of AIDA Model

Year 10 Business
AIDA Model
The first part of promotional activities is to grab your attention
Once you have their attention, you then need to get the customer interested in the product
Desire is what makes customers feel that a good or service is going to satisfy their needs

It is about making customers
the product often over a competitor
This is the last step. This is about turning all of the other steps into an actual sale
When reporting on your promotional methods, using the AIDA model will help with your analysis.
L1: To understand what the AIDA Model is

L2: To understand how the AIDA model changes customer attitudes

L3: To understand how the AIDA model affects our choice of promotional methods
The model explains the steps which customers go through once they engage with a promotion
How many businesses or brands grabbed your attention?
On your sheets:

Note down promotional methods which are good at gaining your attention
Customers are likely to be interested if they see how a product or service can benefit them
"What's in it for me?"
The next slide shows a series of products. How would you promote their benefits to potential customers?
Cuddly Toy
Football Boots
A Sofa
A Takeaway Meal
A tropical holiday
Which promotional activities are best at generating interest?
What makes you want to actually purchase a product?
Desire makes purchasing more urgent, making you feel as if you are losing out if you do not buy it!
Write down the promotional methods that have this effect
Write down the promotional methods that make you take action!
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