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Social Media In Education

No description

Niko Waisman

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Media In Education

Social Media In Education
Social Media in Education. What is it ?
How can Social Media be Used in Education ?

You can look at educational profiles

You can also watch educational videos
What are the Risks of Social Media in Education ?
Social Media is good for Education and a lot of teaches now a days use Social Media a little bit for Educational purposes
Is Social Media the best way to learn ?
Yes & No in a way you can use for an example Pintrest to look at info graphics but if you just go on Instagram and watch videos it wont be as good.
Social Media

Social Media has a lot of educational content.
Social Media
How can Social Media Help in Education ?
What I am using now is technically social media and it can be used in a educational way
You can also use some social media websites or apps for learning for an example you can go to www.khanacademy.com and learn how to code
One risk is that not all kids are good and some kids will use this privilege in a not so good way but it can be fixed by turning on restrictions
Another thing is that if you aren't good at using technology there can be technical difficulties
A helpful tip is not let the kids use social media all the time but only partially so they don't get addicted to social media or something like that
Now introducing the new I phone 6 !!!!
A revolutionary new device that is sweeping the nation !!!
There is inappropriate content
There are bad people on social media that will do bad things to children
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