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Marketing Tools

Starbucks - LOVEMARK

Irune Parbole Boillos

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Tools

Francisco José Barragán Herrera
Miriam Fernández González
María Iglesias Estévez
Irune Parbole Boillos
Introduction of the brand
Why Starbucks?
Why is a love mark?
Digital marketing
Objective market
Brand Strategy
Lovemark concept
Starbucks experience
introduction of the brand
¿hy that name?
In the beginning "Starbucks Coffee Tea and Spices", only sold whole bean coffee, tea and spices

In the eighties the concept of Starbucks Coffee has changed to become what it is today.
"To inspire and nurture the human spirit: one person, one cup of coffee and one community at a time."
Digital marketing
700,000 fans
over 11,6K
One of their strategies was listening to the customer and find out what their needs were.
Another strategy was to introduce the customer by means of advertising, contests and offers on social networks.
over 4,800 subscribers
The largest

coffee chain

in the world
Starbucks has a
33% share of market
cafes, which moves a turnover of 26,500 million dollars
Sold almost as much coffee as they do in restaurares fast food
we must analyze this brand because it has a significant market share in

something as simple as coffee
, since everyone can have in our homes
Why is a Love Mark?
Meeting place between university
Adolescents and children
The products consumed by children are directly buy by parents who acquire special sizes for their children
The market share covering Starbucks worldwide is extensive
It is an international coffee company
emotional marketing or experience
Loyal customers
Starbuck cafe is considered as a service rather than a product
Starbucks Experience
This experience is caused intentionally by the company generating stimuli in the cliente. Emotional marketing.
Customer loyalty making a loyal consumer with a strong emotional bond is established.
A lot of consumers and experts claim that Starbuck´s coffe has a taste and scent that it is worth paying for product cost.
The perfect cup of coffeE
It is configured as the most important point since the client through the door of Starbucks and he realizes that he is living a unique experience which he can not have anywhere else.
It is intended that consumers embrace Starbucks as thrid place where to be after work, to live a relaxing and attractive experience.
The brand expect to show the existing comradeship in the company focused on transmiting a feeling of well-being in all its cafes.
It has achieved to build a community which is located around the brand. In this sense, Starbucks has carried out actions as establish a section on its oficial website, which has the objective that all clients share their experiences in their establishments. Just like that, the customers can have virtual conversations to show their opinions about the service.
Starbucks has traditionally been characterized by innovation in its products and cafeterias. Example of this are the different flavors that the company has added to its offers, seasonal drinks or being one of the first cafeterias which offers free internet service.
The third place
Intelligent comradeship
Starbucks community
Satisfied clients
the key points of marketing at Starbucks
Starbucks has traditionally characterized their advertising speak for itself. It follows that advertising is easily distinguishable for clients and consumers. The marketing campaign is so successful and innovative that many authors have written books based on market strategy, to apply to other companies.
Brand marketing
People between 25 and 40 years
49% of total sales
decorated with contemporary design
Customers come from the city and have medium-high income and welfare within a society
then the rest of the world.
12,500 stores
50 countries
Starbuck has designed the perfect cup of coffe
Persons aged 18 to 24 years
40% of total business.
The company attracts this audience through social networks and a dynamic and fresh image. This group grew by 4.6% annually
Persons aged 13 to 17 years
Represent 2% of sales
Now the brand can also take home, selling products directly to supermarkets.
consists in creating a close relationship
between the customer and the brand
, so close that the client feels love for the brand.
Kevin Roberts
CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi
“humans are moved by the
, not by the reason”
“Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands”
Behind the great brands there are great stories
agreement, empathy and passion
the ability of the company to stimulate the five senses of the client
visitors can vote for their favorite brands
Some customer reviews of Starbucks
As for the target audience should be divided into different age groups
of the sale of coffee drinks
Now the brand can also take home, selling products directly to supermarkets
it has achieved that their consumers perceive it as something own, desirable and loving
It is curious how the company has changes something that simple as it is the coffee into a different experience for the client and not only because of the coffee consuming but for the fact of belonging to the Starbucks world.
Five people of different ages
Children and teeagers are not very familiar with the brand because they do nos usually consume
Starbucks is a lovemark for young people
People between 45-55 are not in favour of Starbucks
Marketing strategies
Rational marketing would not success
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