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Diamond Tours by Etihad

No description

Mark Gitto

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Diamond Tours by Etihad

Glamazon introduction introduction to etihad lalala TRIBE ANALYSIS Designer clothes
Heavily influenced by fashion magazines
Self conscious
Princess attitude Competitors  

Offer tours by bus around selected countries in a specific continent
Superior tour is equivalent to a DIAMOND TOUR .
Competitive edge - offering flights to varying continents and we organize all flights between the selected continents.

Indirect competitor offering chartered boat tours around islands for a very cheap price.
Everything is catered for in the price of the ticket including all stopovers.

World tickets from major airline companies.
Many competitors aiming to entice customers into choosing their brand for luxury travel.
Online booking agencies such as Flight Centre and Escape Travel offer flight and accommodation packages at low prices, even having guarantees that they cannot be beaten. SWOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESSES

Limited Destinations The Glamazon PRODUCT MICROENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Customers look for value in the money they spend on a service.

Failure to meet the market standard or expectations create reasons for customers to fly with rival companies Customers Hotels influence the cost of travel which can affect customers

Through multiple bulk bookings the company can apply for a discount with hotel chains Suppliers Marketing Intermediaries Promoting of the product and service through flight centre, webjet etc.

This could also be a disadvantage as our prices are directly compared against other rival companies on these websites.

If they are on sale for limited time when we are not, could lose potential customers. LOCATIONS LEADING AIRLINE COMAPANIES AND TRAVEL AGENCIES P&O CRUISES CONTIKI TOURS DIAMOND CLASS PROMOTION MARKETING STRATEGY Designer clothes
Influenced by fashion
Self conscious
Princess attitude the glamazon TRIBE ANALYSIS Advertising Commercial in gold class theatres
Formula 1 Racing Sponsorship
Travel agencies
Etihad stadium
Airport banners Promotion

Company website links on various webpages

Ads on Facebook and Twitter
(customised to personal profile settings)

Tour websites via INTERNET Direct Marketing Consumer Promotion Price packs Combined flights, hotels and activities packages Cheap Two person deals PLACE Tickets can be
purchased from airport Purchase our product from the following locations PEOPLE Our Diamond Class Staff: PROCESS Travel agencies Online PRICE 1. book/puchase flights, either through a travel agent or online Variable Prices Diamond Tour packages have differentiating prices influenced by a variety of factors.
Competitor Influence
Length of stay
Season of travel, peak season being the most expensive
Fluctuating taxes and fuel surchages 2. Arrive at the airport atleast 1 hour before the flight via Etihads transportation services or external methods. 3. Express check in then board the plane when ready. Strategies to reduce expenses Diamond Tours aims to minimize expenses to pass on savings to customers, enticing and promoting sales at lower prices. Contractual Agreements with hotels Pricing strategically against competitors Discounted tickets due to multi-stop bookings Personal experience surveys on our website Uniform for staff #1 Sponsorships #2 #3 Costs can reduced by: 4. Once everybody is checked in, an introduction to staff, safety and services is made. 5. Buckle up and prepare for take off. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Etihad stadium Etihad branded planes Logo 6. once the plane is in the air passengers are free to move around and explore or just sit back and relax. Trained to the highest degree
Display exceptional etiquette
Full uniform
Ensure a flawless experience PRODUCT MACRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Demographic environment Target market = 18-35 year olds. Other age groups may feel uncomfortable around this group. Customers who are live far from the airports Etihad employs will most likely be reluctant to travel to those airports Product/Service Brand One Tour
Four Destinations
Hundreds of Memories THE
EXPERIENCE Economical Environment The economy can change time to time which will affect consumer purchasing power
The economy can experience periods of booms and busts Mark Gitto
Philip Vorn
Nicole Lam
Tony Ha 17355100
MIA Our Goal introduction Technological Environment The technological environment has the POTENTIAL to create technology that have positive and negative effects on our services
Technological developments may give other transportation services an advantage through technological developments that intrigues the Glamazon group more than Etihad
Technology also has the potential to decrease Etihad's operating costs, so we are able to provide cheaper prices STRENGTHS

Helpful and accommodating staff
Thought free holiday planning
Variety of services THREATS

Direct and indirect competitors
e.g. Contiki, Escape Travel
Global economic crisis OPPORTUNITIES

Helpful and accommodating staff
Think free holiday planning
Variety of services At Etihad, we value our customers and we aim to make each experience with Etihad unforgettable. The introduction of Diamond Tours furthers our superior service, providing world class flights with state of the art technology and personalized assistance from our cabin crew. Pairing with leading hotels, customer stays are organized and booked by our customer service team. IDENTIFYING NEEDS Exclusivity Designer Brands Efficient Service Perfection Entertaining Praise SEGMENTATION AND TARGETING Fashion Quality In order to identify our target market, we looked at the following variables:

Behavioural segmentation – customers who travel regularly, recommend products or services to others, and customers who see the benefit of travelling to exciting destinations with simular ‘tribe profile’ people.

Psychographic segmentation – people with simular personalities such as, outgoing, fun, adventurous, and socially active.

Demographic segmentation – age: 18-35, gender: All, religion: All, culture: All, income: >average, generation: Y (Millennials) It is acknowledged that the Glamzon is a market with many needs and even more wants.
The Glamazon is known to be heavily materialistic needing to constantly feel special and above 'ordinary people'. See You On Board Experience Brilliance bibliography Armstrong, G, Adam, S, Denize, S & Kotler, P 2011, Principles of marketing, 5th edn, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW

About Etihad Airways, n.d., viewed 4 May 2012, <http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/etihad/global/en/Pages/aboutetihadposting.aspx>

Meet Contiki, n.d., viewed 4 May 2012, <http://www.contiki.com/meetcontiki>

Molitorisz, S 2010, ‘Tribes of the Sydney’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 January. EA.G.27 Tuesday 1200-1300
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