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No description

josie hutcheson

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Listen

The Plot I my book Listen There is a girl named Charlie. She just got home from a terrible car accident that injured her leg. She discovers a wild dog and is immediately determined to tame it. She has to challenge her self to do things she is uncomfortable doing like taking the woods to her neighbor, Mrs. Davis' s house. She gets to know the dog and names it Coyote. Coyote helps Charlie resolve her emotions over her moms death. Charlie helps Coyote find food, love, and shelter. At the end something goes wrong and Charlie has to figure it out. The Author Stephanie S. Tolan is the author of more than twenty books. She lives on a little lake in a big woods in Charlotte, Carolina. She lives there with her husband Bob and her two dogs Samantha and Coyote. The name Coyote is like the dog in the book. Bye: Stephanie S. Tolan Coyote Coyote is a very obedient dog he doesn't cause problems although at first he was very scared of every human being he come within twenty feet of. He learned to love Charlie and he's always been friends with Sadie Mrs.'s Davis 's family's dog. Charlie Charlie is the main character in my book she is very smart in trying to figure out things and problems and she is very strong to be able to control her emotions like she does when she has to relive her mothers death in a plane crash or when she has to deal with her leg injury from the wreck. She is very motivated in her journey to tame Coyote. The Conflicts In the book A big problem was Coyote wouldn't come close to Charlie and Charlie had no idea why. A second problem was that Coyote had heart worms and that could potentially be life threatening. Another problem was that Coyote went missing and Charlie could not find him anywhere By: Stephanie S. Tolan Listen By:Stephanie S. Tolan The Theme A conflict in the book was that Coyote wouldn't come within ten feet of Coyote because he was scared of Charlie' s walking stick.One conflict in the book is that Charlie can't stop dwelling over her moms death. Another conflict is that Coyote has heart worms and that could become life threatening. Charlie couldn't get Coyote to stay inside if he had the surgery to help him. The theme of my book has a hopeful desperate vibe to it. A broken, injured girl trying to help a sad, lonely, wild dog. But she can't unless he cooperates withe her.
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