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No description

Vincent Bui

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Satire

Teenage affluenza is spreading fast.
Comics Dominic Wilcox
Enter Without So Much as Knocking? Bruce Dawe
By Vincent Bui and Harry Huang
Introduction to satire:
Utilised to comment or ridicule an aspect of an element of society
Main techniques include:
Different types:
Horatian - light-hearted
Juvenalian - harsh ridicule
Menippean - prose satire criticising attitude and concepts rather than individuals
Portrays loss of innocence due to influence of:
violence and aggression - 'what the (beep beep) does that idiot think he's doing'
consumerism - 'first thing he heard was Bobby Dazzler on Channel 7'
entertainment - 'fifty-foot screen where giant faces forever snarled screamed'
20's/30's - complete loss of innocence
'goodbye stars and the soft cry in the corner'
'hit wherever you see a head'
Desire for perfection in death
'old automatic smile with nothing behind it'
'nobody grieving over halitosis
Effectively ridicules society and its aspects causing a detrimental impact
Satirises method of raising children
Criticises strictness of rules and regulation
What is this satire ridiculing?
Ridiculing the human lifestyle
Mocks lifestyle of working until death
Something of such little practicality symbolises how much wealth and power we have, just because it is an expensive item.
What other messages is it providing?
Don’t work so hard, enjoy what you have
Some things aren't worth spending on
What techniques does the composer use to communicate these comments/messages?
Irony. These comics were found under the website “These 11 inventions that are so absurd they might be genius”
Exaggeration for second comic
Do I like it or not? Why or why not?
Points out flaws that wouldn't normally be noticed

What techniques does the composer use to communicate these comments/messages?

Juxtaposition between school life and life in third world countries
Exaggeration, ridicule, understatement, juxtaposition,

Do I like it or not? Why or why not?
I don’t like it due to the visual images
The truth of it.

Enter Without So Much As Knocking - Bruce Dawe

Blink, blink. HOSPITAL. SILENCE.
Ten days old, carried in the front door in his
mother's arms, first thing he heard was
Bobby Dazzler on Channel 7:
Hello, hello hello all you lucky people and he
really was lucky because it didn't mean a thing
to him then...

A year or two to settle in and
get acquainted with the set-up; like every other
well-equipped smoothly-run household, his included
one economy-size Mum, one Anthony Squires-
Coolstream-Summerweight Dad, along with two other kids
straight off the Junior Department rack.

When Mom won the
Luck's-A-Fortch Tricky-Tune Quiz she took him shopping
in the good-as-new station-wagon (£ 495 dep. at Reno's).
Beep, beep. WALK. DON'T WALK. TURN
the congestion here just gets (beep)
worse every day, now what the (beep beep) does
that idiot think he's doing (beep beep and BEEP).
However, what he enjoyed most of all was when they
went to the late show at the local drive-in, on a clear night
and he could see (beyond the fifty-foot screen where
giant faces forever snarled screamed or make
incomprehensible and monstrous love) a pure
unadulterated fringe of sky, littered with stars
no-one had got around to fixing up yet: he'd watch them
circling about in luminous groups like kids at the circus
who never go quite close enough to the elephant to get kicked.

Anyway, pretty soon he was old enough to be
realistic like every other godless
money-hungry back-stabbing miserable
so-and-so, and then it was goodbye stars and the soft
cry in the corner when no-one was looking because
I'm telling you straight, Jim, it's Number One every time
for this chicken, hit wherever you see a head and
kick whoever's down, well thanks for a lovely
evening Clare, it's good to get away from it all
once in a while, I mean it's a real battle all the way
and a man can't help but feel a little soiled, himself,
at times, you know what I mean?

Now take it easy
on those curves, Alice, for God's sake,
I've had enough for one night, with that Clare Jessup,
hey, ease up, will you, watch it --

Probity & Sons, Morticians,
did a really first-class job on his face
(everyone was very pleased) even adding a
healthy tan he'd never had, living, gave him back for keeps
the old automatic smile with nothing behind it,
winding the whole show up with a
nice ride out to the underground metropolis
permanent residentials, no parking tickets, no taximeters
ticking, no Bobby Dazzlers here, no down payments,
nobody grieving over halitosis
flat feet shrinking gums falling hair.

Six feet down nobody interested.

Blink, blink. CEMETERY. Silence.
Teenage affluenza is spreading fast.
What is this satire ridiculing?
This satire is ridiculing teenagers lives compared to children in third world countries

What other messages is it providing?
It is trying to get the message across of people in the third world countries living conditions
Raise Awareness
Promote donations

Comics Dominic Wilcox
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