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Fashion of the 1920's

No description

Shea Shareski

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Fashion of the 1920's

FashION OF the 1920's After World War I, social customs and morals were drastically changed. They were less strict because of their happiness about the war ending and the booming of the stock market! And because of this, everything about human activity changed, including fashion. Many families were left fatherless, which resulted in women entering the work force. Women felt that they needed to be on the same level as men, so they started dressing very masculine to express equality in the work force. For the first time, women began wearing pant suits, hats and canes Women began to cut their hair shorter than ever. This is where the "bob" was invented. Their undergarments were even designed to give women flatter chests and boyish figures. Corsets were no more and the bra was introduced, this made women less curvy and more manly. this was the era in which women first started to become modern They began wearing more comfortable clothing like pants and shorter skirts. Women wore dresses with dropped waists and simple lines. Dress and coat lengths were at the calf, and wool and cotton were the fabrics of the decade. THE WOMENS RIGHTS MOVEMENT ALSO PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN FASHION This is basically when women first decided to dress like... SKANKS Women felt more independent and started to rebel legs were exposed
dresses became more fitted
stockings were nude
hemlines were shorter

The flappers were a new kind a' woman They wore harsh eye makeup and bright red lips. They also had thin eyebrows and short hair. the dresses the flappers wore were often short and lowcut revealing more skin than ever before! Beauty in the 1920's was not about how natural you were, instead it had an artificial effect. Coco Chanel was the most influential designers of the 1920's. She was the one who came up with the look "garconne" which means "little boy". Her designs tended to be very simple rather than showy. Coco Chanel designed clothes for women's sports and she was wellknown throughout Europe, and today, throughout the world. In conclusion, the 1920's was a revolution of fashion. The fashion rules and customs did a 180. what was once unacceptable and distasteful was now the trend and the norm. This era kick started the fashion industry, and was the beginning of modern fashion. bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1920s_in_fashion
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