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Smart textiles: Technical and market overview

BU Industrie - Mai 2014

Gaelle soussan

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Smart textiles: Technical and market overview

SMART TEXTILE: Technical & Market Overview
What's smart textile?
Properties researched
Fight against the warmth & Cold:

Heat our body by stimulating blood circulation Examples: Snowing clothes
Cooling body and avoiding moisture
Sun protection: clothes which change color when we're exposed to a high level of sunlight.

Medical & relaxing properties

Measuring temperature, stress, strain, pain, gas & biological species
Detection of injury, health info ant transmission such info to medical staff.
Adapted Sheet, Towel with healing solution for Burnt victims
Relaxing sport clothes: calm pain and relax muscle

Premium price

Frequency of washing

High performance needed

Strengths & Weaknesses

High quality and reliable performance.

Wide range of market: Sport, medical, fitness

Anti-aging, slimming, moisturizing properties

Market overview

Smart textile is able to adapt and analyze a signal by responding in adapted way. Materials or structures react to environmental stimuli, such as mechanical, thermal, chemical, magnetic or others.

Smart Textile is the merger between textile and technologies.
Technologies used in Smart textile
We can distinguish 3 kinds of technologies in smart textile area:

photo-sensitive materials, fiber-optics, conductive polymers, thermal sensitive materials, shape memory materials, intelligent coating/membrane, chemical responsive polymers, mechanical responsive materials, microcapsules & micro and nanomaterials

For signal transmission, processing and controls

neural network and control systems, cognition theory and systems.

For integrated processes and products

wearable electronics and photonics, adaptive and responsive structures, biomimetics, bioprocessing, tissue engineering& chemical/drug releasing

Industry Department - May 2014
Worldwide textile industry:
50 millions metric tons/ year

The total market revenue for
Smart textile material
is expected to reach over
$ 2 billion by 2018
growing at an estimated CAGR of
21.54 %
from 2013 to 2018.

The industry experts opine that the wearable technology, from sophisticated gadget to smart textiles (smart fabric), would be the

next big market opportunities
after smartphones.

The Smart textile market is segmented by material types, by material properties and by material’s embedded function.

Fitness & Medical application

Fitness application WarmX [WarmX]

The underwear is knitted with silver coated fibers in the trunk and neck areas and a battery mounted on the waist supplies the power.


has launched a new cooling apparel technology called Climachill which incorporates an innovated knitted fabric with titanium and industry first 3D aluminum cooling the body. It allows to improve performance by lowering their body temperature.

: innovative anti-aging brand with anti oxidant produc
t which guarantees slimming results, firming, moisturizing and shaping properties

: new superabsorbent polymer block the formation of ammonia
which improves the quality of life for people with

Applications of Smart Textile
Value proposition of SEPPIC: Biotechmarine actives
Thalassine 2
Anti-aging and relaxing properties: Botox effect
Price: 70 euros/ Kg

Moisturizing and slimming properties
Price: 250 Euros/Kg
Sea Mayweed
( idem Thalassine 2)
Anti-inflammatory properties
Price: 70 Euros/Kg
Method A: Micro-encapsulation
Valuable market

High opportunities

Added value of Air Liquide: Channels, Existing clients, Knowledge & reputation in health area.
Competitors and Clients

RBC Blondel


Medical healthcare

Seppic's current situation
Medical, Health & Hygiene
Slimming clothes
What's Smart Textile?
Technological aspects
Smart textile Properties
Technologies principles
Micro-encapsulation & Anion/ Cation association

Market Overview
Smart textile: a growing market
Value proposition of Seppic : SWOT Analysis
Competitors and potential clients
Seppic dilemma

Selection of active principle
(Interesting properties and compatible with micro-encapsulation)

Micro-capsule anchoring on synthetic fibers
(Polyamide, Polyester mostly used)
Releasing of micro-capsule containing active principle inside fibers thanks to mechanical frictions
Micro-encapsulation method (determination of microcapsule size: 5 to 20µm and raw material used)
Method B: Molecular film with Anion/ Cation
Anion – Cation Association
Releasing on fibers
Incorporation and releasing of actives
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