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Interviewing: Tips and Tricks

No description

Career Services UMKC

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Interviewing: Tips and Tricks

Interviewing Skills Be prepared
How to dress
4 types of questions
Following up Things NOT to do: Dress too casually
Wear ill-fitting clothes
Over-do makeup, cologne, jewelry, or fashion
Show too much skin Things to do: Dress for success
Business professional-- for all professional jobs!
Bring your unique look Vague Questions Tell me about yourself. What makes you the best candidate? Why should we hire you?
Don't: give too much personal information, disclose "protected status" information, ramble.
Do: give an overview of your qualifications, explain why you are passionate about the job, hit the highlights Targeted Questions Strengths, weaknesses, experience
All questions should contain stories-- think about the types of skills you want to convey to your new employer
Some common skills you might have are hard-working, team player, good communicator, detail oriented. What does that mean to you? How have you demonstrated that?
Weaknesses are about demonstrating problem solving skills. Can you identify a weakness? How are you addressing it?
What experiences have you had that developed skills or talents you will use in your new job
Past job performance is the best predictor of future job performance-- leave them with stories Behavioral Interview Questions Tell me about a time when... Give me an example of...
The S.T.A.R. method can help you organize your answers: Situation, Task, Action, Result
For example: "Tell me about a time when you have used excellent communication"
S: I was working on a group project.
T: I had to present to the class about our topic which was the poverty in rural Africa.
A: To demonstrate the differences in wealth, I asked the class to write down everything they had to eat in just the last 5 hours. I then displayed information about how little an adult in rural Africa has to eat each day.
R: The class was astounded, many of them had tears in their eyes. It really made them appreciate their wealth. When, at the end, I gave them information about how to donate to help feed people in Africa, almost everyone wrote down the information. Activity Separate into groups of 3
One interviewer, one interviewee, one judge
Ask each of the three types of questions and look for the things we have talked about: accurate, direct information; stories and experiences; the STAR method But wait, there's more.... Many students stop preparing at this point, but the questions you ask are just as important as the ones you answer
Two generic questions to ask if you get stuck: What made you choose this company? What does a typical day look like?
Always ask: When can I expect to hear back? or What is the process from here?
For other questions, think about what you need in a job to be successful. A positive work environment? A good boss? Friendly co-workers? Fast pace?
Ask the questions to get the answers you need to make the best decision about a job-- you don't have to accept every one you are offered Don't forget to follow up!! Send thank you letters or emails
Handwritten stands out
Call and follow up when you were supposed to hear back
THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME (even if you do not get the job)
Be respectful, be persistent, but do not be a pest Career Services
Student Success Center Interviewing Like A Pro The 3 R's Research yourself: What are your strengths and talents? How have you demonstrated those? What do you want from a job?
Research the job: How much does someone with that job make? What are the duties you would have? What education/qualifications do you need?
Research the company: What are their values? What are they known for? What makes them stand out? Karen Things Pretendtious fmflake Jerry Bunkers Jerry Bunkers Victor1558 Love Maegan Satomodel bpsusf Tell me about yourself: "Um, I'm 27 and I just got married. My degree is in chemistry. I like horseback riding and I really want a job to pay back all of my student loans. I grew up in Kansas City and my parents live here. My dad is a doctor, my mom is a stay at home mom. I like that picture you have of your cats. My wife had a cat but it just died."
Tell me about yourself: "I'm a recent graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. Your company really interests me because I also am passionate about green energy. I was in a student group on campus that worked to reduce the use of electricity on campus." Answer Examples
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