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Mean Girls Logical Fallacies

Exploring the Different types of Logical Fallacies through the movies Mean Girls

Sharaine Peoples-Paulek

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Mean Girls Logical Fallacies

Exploring Logical Fallacies Through
Mean Girls
By Sharaine Peoples-Paulek
Slippery Slope
False Analogy
Argumentum ad Baculum
(Fear Tactic)
Rhetorical Question
Complex Question
One seemingly insignificant choice can lead to a drastic outcome.
In this clip the health teacher explains that IF you have sex you WILL get pregnant and DIE!
If you drop out of high school you will work at Taco Bell the rest of your life.
Rules set and followed by a only specific community.
Chik-Fil-A closes on Sundays due to religious beliefs.
The clip shows the "Plastics" making Regina George leave the lunch table because she broke the dress code the group follows.
A person or group of people begin to follow an idea, person, place, or thing because many other people are already following said item.
Kim Kardashian wears leather pants, now every female at my high school wears leather pants.
Even though this is a sabotage attempt by Janice, Regina George creates a trend that the other high school girls begin to follow.
The basic knowledge known about a person, place, or thing is applied to all circumstance involving those people, places, or things. Stereotypes are a common form of over-generalization
British people have bad teeth. Susan is british, so she has bad teeth.
In the clip Karen asks Cady why she is white considering she is from Africa. Assuming that everyone from Africa has dark skin.
Quote From Mean Girls:
Mr. Duvall: Did your teacher ever try to
sell you marijuana or ecstasy tablets?
Aaron Samuels: No.
Kevin Gnapoor: What are
marijuana tablets?
Cady: I think I'm joining the Mathletes.
Regina, Gretchen, Karen: No! No, no!
Regina: You cannot do that. That is social suicide. *Damn*! You are so lucky you have us to guide you.
First 30 seconds
27 sec-33 sec
A comparison of two things that are extremely unalike.
In this clip Gretchen explains, "ex-boyfriends are off limits to friends. That's like the rules of feminism."
Gretchen is explaining this rule to Cady and compares it to the rules of feminism. The "rules" of feminism are completely different than the rule these girls made up about dating ex-boyfriends.
This project is
like the end of the world.
In this example Mr. Duvall doesn't make the distinction between marijuana and ecstasy tablets as two separate items, which leads the students to misinterpret the question.
This fallacy allows for a message to be read
a number of different ways due to poor grammar.
George Bush sucks Dick Cheney does too.
Should be: George Bush Sucks, Dick Cheney does too.
If you partake in one thing then this threat will happen.
If x, then y. (Y is a threat and generally irrelevant)
Finish your dinner or you will not get dessert.
In this context Regina explains to Cady that if she joins the Mathletes she will abolish any social status she has gained.
The author or person speaking makes a statement that is deemed common sense or widely known by the audience.
In this clip Karen explains to Cady that she believes she has "ESPN or something". The script writer assumed that everyone knows that Karen is mistaken ESPN for ESP, the extrasensory perception person has.
When an author states, "It's snowing in July", he/she assumes that this person or the audience lives in a place that does not have winter in July. It should be common sense that it is abnormal for there to be snow at this time of year.
A question posed to make a statement and does not expect a reply to the question.
Why are parents so stupid?
In the clip Janis asks Cady a series of rhetorical questions to make a specific point to Cady in their argument. She does not expect her to reply. Cady does not reply.
A person asks a question in a way that draws out the answer they wanted no matter what answer the other person gives. It is usually a yes or no type question.
Do you still smoke marijuana?
In this clip Regina tells Cady that she is really pretty. Then proceeds to ask, "So you agree, you think your really pretty?" This question has answers that either way are not the true answer Cady would like to give. It is in the form of a yes or no question.
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