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Nicholas and Jowern's Wedding

The Slideshow Presentation detailing the growth of the Bridegroom till present day.

Jowee Tee

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of Nicholas and Jowern's Wedding

Nicholas & Jowern Our Journey This Far... Baby Jowern Mommy, Daddy & Jowern Jowern & Cousins Daddy and Jowern:
Evolution of the same pose Baby Jowee arrives Aunts, Uncles, and Loved Ones Our Family Grows College Years Otago University My Girls Baby Reginald arrives! Baby Nicholas Nicholas The DANCER! I Like Stripes... Nicholas: My Sisters Nicholas & PAPA Grandma Nicholas, Christina and A Walrus Nicholas & "BRUDDER!" Tee Family The Wong Family Brothers Grow Up Together Nicholas Growing Up At the Wong's... Nicholas and Jowern Berdating-dating Saying "I DO" Our Witness First Performances Jowee and Johan First Steps First "Tuxedo" First Accomplishments Traveling The World Together Celebrating Valentine's... AND GETTING MARRIED! Eating Good Food Kayaking Freezing Together Enjoying Korea Meanwhile... In Catholic High... , The End Or The Beginning... Baby Johan Arrives! On an Elephant 12 years later
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