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SF Express

No description

Doris HE

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of SF Express

SF Express
Wireless & Logistic
240,000 employees

Globalized sale network

Update information everywhere

Get information every time

Risk of Information leakage
Lack of collaboration and coordination
Growing workload of the system
HHT Usages
Introduction – IT Applications
● Computer Telecommunication Integration (CTI) in Call Center

● Social network/Social media

● E-commerce:

● Office Automation (OA)

● Global Positioning System (GPS)

● Transaction Processing System (TPS)

● Wireless technologies

Imported HHT from Korea in 2003

HHT module
2G SIM card, GPRS technology(54Mbs local area network)
Each staff own one HHT & unique ID

Digital signature
Bar-code record – product data
Print invoice
Photo taking
Communicate with info system

• Establishment: 1993
• Business services: information collection, market development,
logistics distribution, express delivery services

● Scale (as of January 2014):
240,000 employees, 10,000 vehicles, 14 aircrafts, 7,600 service centers

● IT development: automatic operation, capacity of the whole service network

Wireless Application
→Hand-Held Terminal
(SF Express, 2014)
Information Flow
(IEEE Communication Society, 2003)
GPRS + SIMcard
→ Intranet (2G)

Cellular Data Network
1. HHT send message to storage in Intranet system (mediator)

2. Mediator receives request

3.Identify custom HTTP headers (security purpose) and search for answer from data warehouse

4. Mediator response based on request
(SF Express, 2014)
-Customer orders through the service center

-Order information is sent to employee by HHT

-Employee arrived and scanned the invoice barcode, and this information will sent to the information center
-Like the collection of the goods, employee scans the barcode when the receiver obtain the goods, and the management system can provide real time information feedback to sender

-Allow remote examination (completeness, destination,identification)
-Staffs in each transition center collect the information about the goods by HHT

-Provide a real location of the goods and report to the customer

- Scan goods in each process
- Allow SF and customer to find out where the
goods are
- Know about the condition of the good

- Customer’s information and invoice ( time,
arrival place)
- Digital signature ( identify the customer)


Managers send the orders to employees’ HHT

Discuss the condition of the good through internet by HHT
HHT: Technology development
Continuously invest on the Information technology research and development department

Developed number four generation

Price is reduced from $7000 to $3000

Weight is reduced from 2 kg to 0.5 kg

Cooperate with Technology Company

· Unitech (Handhold Terminal) PA962
(unitech,2012 )
Real-time sharing
Immediate logistic information
Decision making
The optimal topology : “one-hour transportation circuit”
Accuracy and safety of delivery
Track & Trace system

Digital signature
Customers' satisfactory & loyalty
Incident: In 2013 , one employee of Yuantong Express intruded its intranet and sold more than 130000 waybill number illegally.

Many access:
courier : HHT
substation : Port

Gain corporate data over networks without authorization
Use tools like specific script synchronization to steal
valuable information.

Portability → Easy to lose or be steal
Customer data could be lost, destroyed or fall into wrong hands
Database Center
Popularity of handheld mobile devices
HHT collects and record the information under its own systems
Lack of a integrated plan to maintain and process
Too many massage interfaces
→Information isolated island
→Lack of data sharing
2010-2012: Revenue from ¥11.2 b to ¥ 21.1 b
5000 express network
130,000 HHTs
Large volume of data
Information system overloading:
Drop in processing efficiency
Lower data quality
System outage
2012 September, the system broke down.
1. Database Management System
Through establishing a
Centralized Database
, SF Express can:
a. Reduce Data redundancy and inconsistency
b. Increase flexibility
c. Ensure data sharing and availability
So, adapting centralized database can lead to better coordination and collaboration in SF Express
2. Addition to DBMS
3. Public Cloud –SAAS
e.g. Salesforce.com, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Google.
4. Ethical Training
DBMS can also increase processing efficiency
Differences between DBMS and File System.
e.g. Structured Query Language (SQL)
5. HHT: regular identity verification
Hand-held Terminals
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IT Applications
Wireless Application
Hand-held Terminals
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