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The Dog of Pompeii

No description

Madison Huettl

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Dog of Pompeii

By Madison Huettl The Dog of Pompeii Setting Theme Tone Plot Mood Point of View Characters The setting is when or where the story takes place. It is also the place or time. The theme of a book is the author's message or piece of advice they are trying to tell the reader. The attitude the writer takes toward the audience, character, or subject. The mood of the story is the way that is makes you feel The exposition is the introduction. The rising action is the conflict and excitement and some suspense. The climax is the peek that is bursting with excitement and still a little suspense. The falling action is when everything slows down and there isn't that much excitement going on. There is no more surprises usually either. The resolution is how everything turns out. There are four types of conflict. The first type is man vs. man. That is when a character has a problem with another character. The second one is man vs. nature. That is when a character has a problem with nature or animals. The third one is man vs. society. That is when a character has a problem with the government, school, and the law and business stuff. The final one is man vs. self. That is when a character has a problem with There is three point of views. the first on is the person telling the story. The second point of view is called third person limited. That is when the autor talks directly towards the reader, but knows only about one character. The third point of view is called third person omniscient. That is when the author is still talking directly to you, but knows about all of the characters. There are diiferent types of characters. Two of the different types are protagonists and antagonists. Protagonists are people who do good things in the story. Antagonists are people who do bad things in the story. Only characters can be a protagonist or an antagonist. There can also be dynamic, or flat characters in the story. That means that they aren't good or bad. In the Dog of Pompeii, the setting is very old. It took place more than 1800 years ago. The setting was in a town called Pompeii, Italy. In the story, many years ago the town got hit by an earthquake, so all the buildings were destroyed. Now, all of the buildings are restored and look newer. In the story, I think that Bimbo is the protagonist because he took care of Tito who is blind. I think Tito is the dynamic character because Bimbo takes care of him, which makes Bimbo the protagonist. I think that the theme of the book isi that a dog is a man's best friend. The other theme I think that it could be is that if you are a true friend, you will help your friend no matter what. In the book The dog of Pompeii, the author used third person omniscient. That is when then the author knows about all the characters in the book. The tone in the beginning of the book was happy, perfect, and calm because there was no conflict in the story. In the middle of the book the mood was suspenseful, frightening, and exciting. The end was very sad becuse you found out that someone died, but it was also very interesting because you get suprised by what they find under the old builings 1800 years later. In The Dog of Pompeii, the exposition is describing the characters and the setting. The rising action is that once a year, the roman emperor named Caesar comes to town and they getting ready and they are thinking about having a huge feast. The climax is when they throw the feast and they start talking about the earthquake that happened years and years ago. Soon after that Tito and Bimbo go back to their home to go to bed. Bimbo woke Tito up with a splash of water because the volcano was erupting! Tito finally woke up and started running. He got tired and slowed down, but Bimbo knew that if he kept going slow, he would stop and he would die. Knowing that, Bimbo bit Tito and Tito ran even faster.The falling action is when Bimbo disappears and Tito faints from lack of breath. A man is carrying him. The resolution is that 1,800 years later, scientists discovered a dog skeleton under so old wreckage that got burned down in the eruption. They noticed that he was holding a raisin cake. That dog turned out to be Bimbo holding a raisin cake for Tito, but he died when wreckage fell on him. In the beginning of The Dog of Pompeii, the mood is happy, cheery, and informed because the author is informing you with information. Towards the middle of the book the mood is nervous, anxious, and suspenseful because you don't know what is going to happen next. The mood in the end of the book is sad yet surprised because you found out that Bimbo was the dog who died.
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