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The War Drags On by: Mick Softley

No description

Sam Burke

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The War Drags On by: Mick Softley

The War Drags On
by: Mick Softley

History of the Artist
History of the song
- Mick worked with Peter Eden and Geoff Stephens, and his debut album Songs For Swinging Survivors
-The album was a purely folk record
-The album featured only Softley and his acoustic guitar and includes the song "The War Drags On"
-It was later covered by Donovan
- This was his first album released in 1965 by Columbia Records
Analysis of the song
-Born 1941, in South Woodford, Essex) is a British singer/songwriter and guitarist
- Softley set up his own folk club and was the british figurehead during the British folk scene
- Softley first took up trombone in school and became interested in traditional jazz. He was later persuaded to become a singer by one of his school teachers, and this led to him listening to Big Bill Broonzy and promptly changed his attitude to music
Whats being protested
In this song the Vietnam war is being protested and how it went on for too long. I also think that it is protesting what the war did to some of the soldiers and that the war wasn't what they expected due to commercials that misled their knowledge of the war.
-In the phrase "the war drags on" the word (war) is excessively held for a long period of time symbolizing how the war is being dragged on
- In the phrase "Last night poor Dan had a nightmare it seems.One kept occurring and re-occurring in his dream" it shows how the soldiers have been exposed to so much violence and it messes with their minds which leads to mental problems when they come back home

Relevance of the protest
The relevance of the protest was that it was happening while the war was going on
Interesting Fact
- The song is about a man named Dan who was sent to Vietnam, and has a nightmare about a nuclear war that ends the world
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