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The functions and characteristics of echinoderms

Gabie Carne

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Echinoderms

Echinoderms -Asteroidea
+Sea Stars
+Brittle Stars +Sea Lilies
+Feather Stars +Sea Urchins
+Sand Dollars
+Sea Hearts +Sea Cucumbers Echinodermata: echino "spiny"
derma "skin" Stelleroidea Crinoidea Echinoidea Holothuroidea parts in multiples of 5 (normally) 1 2 3 4 5 mouth anus mouth at one end, anus at another spines on skin moveable fixed size shape Sea Stars arms radiating from a central disk tube feet (suction cups) hydraulic and muscular actions = movement! firmly suck to rocks or extend, contract, release, repeat prey: clams and oysters grasp closed bivavle with arms
hang on with tube feet
stomach inside out
evert through mouth into narrow opening of bivalve digestive system excretes juices to
digest soft body of mollusc while still in shell Many Extinct! Bilateral as larvae mostly radial symmetric the entire
Homalozoa !
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