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Regrow Detroit

No description

Darin McLeskey

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Regrow Detroit

The Roots Drive 1st Pilot Project The Numbers Results The Trunk Darin McLeskey - Environmental Engineer,
Urban Entrepreneur, MUFI Vice President

Tyson Gersh - Social Psychology Student, Community Organizer, MUFI President

Brooke Ellis - Architecture Student,
Urban Artist and Consultant, MUFI Secretary

Shelby Wilson - Psychology Student, Community Strategist, MUFI Volunteer Coordinator

John McHenry - Political Science Student, Political Theorist, MUFI Public Relations Director Regrow Detroit Deconstruct to Hoop House -
Including Espalier Orchard and Vineyard (Money Can Grow on Trees!) Lower deconstruction costs
Short and long term job creation
New market for reused material
Beautified natural space
Increased food security
Attractive urban lifestyle
High scalability within City A Venture in Productive Land Reuse Detroit's New Generation
Young and Motivated
Want Community Detroit's Structural Issues
Vacant Land
Excess Infrastructure
Outward Migration
Blighted Homes
Government Bureaucracy
Soil Issues (Existing Structure and Strength) (The Team and Nourishment) (Method for Upward Growth) Basic Business Plan
Subsidiary of Detroit Denovo
Aimed at developing new, sustainable land uses on small scale
Act as consultants
Orient "outsiders" with opportunities
Match people with new living choices
Looks at liabilities with a new view
Focused on large scale building reuse Starting Through Pilot Projects
Shipping Container Housing

Espalier Orchard and Vineyard

Deconstruction and Hoop House Deconstruct existing blighted home
Store materials on-site
Partially backfill basement
Construct hoop house over foundation
Install productive "adapted" garden
Build raised beds and cold frames (The Fruit of our Labor)
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