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Tourism Sight taxonomy evaluation and redesign for Latvia.tr

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Didzis Spruds

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Tourism Sight taxonomy evaluation and redesign for Latvia.tr

Tourism Sight Taxonomy Evaluation
and Redesign for Latvia.travel Website
Goal and Tasks

To ensure that the tourism sight taxonomy reflects user needs and marketing strategy

Find out if the current taxonomy supports the user information needs and they can find the information easily

Ensure that the taxonomy supports the marketing strategy and focus on niche products

Ensure that the taxonomy enhances browsing and content discovery

Requirements and Target Audiences

The costs associated with the development of new category texts are significant, therefore any updates in the taxonomy should strive for the re-use of the content that has been already developed.
Target Markets and Audiences:

Priority, Secondary and Prospective Target markets (excluding High Priority Markets)

Potential travelers in various age groups

Data Sources

Frequently searched terms from Google that leads to Latvia.travel content pages

Number of tourism sights in the category that are currently published in latvia.travel website

Latvian Tourism Marketing strategy and strategic tourism products

Survey of potential visitors

Decision Framework

Balance between Broadness and Narrowness

Considerable amount of sights in the category

Considerable amount of searches for the category term, synonym, narrower or broader term

Category terms should correspond with users mental model of categorizing content

Category terms should reflect the marketing strategy

Latvia.travel - tourism sight taxonomy
Conclusions, Challenges & Reflections

Challenge - to satisfy both - users and business requirements

To manage large dataset from Google Analytics

To extract patterns from different data sources and define principles for decision making

To manage different aspects of linguistics

Q & A
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