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No description

dylan bauer

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Pigs

Pigs Dylan Bauer and Sean Cook
How did this pig come to the U.S.?
Was the pigs native to the U.S. or brought by someone else?
It was ought by european explorers and settlers.
When was it introduced to the U.S.?
It was introduced in the 1900s.
How has this pig had a positive impact on the U.S.?
meat,bullets,wine,leather goods,and matches.
What kinds of food of resources did it supply to people?
meat and bullets
The pigs were brought to north America by early european explorers and settlers.
What special conditions does this pig require in order to thrive?
it will eat anything and will live anywhere
How did having this pig help us gain wealth and power in the world?
it dug holes for people that had no farm work
What would happen if this pig was no longer a resource to the U.S.?
no pig products and no money for when you take them to the slaughter house
In what ways have scientists used genetic engineering to change this pig?
inserted cow genes into female pigs to intense milk production
What is the process for genetically changing this species?
enabled scientist to create pigs that are highly efficient process,and if used in combination with stem cells as donors.
How has these genetic changes benefited man?
dig holes to plant for men and donor and cells.
What role does the latitude and shape of North America continent play in the success of cultivating this pig?
pigs are not cultivated being that they are animals that are bred.
Describe the growing cycle of this pig and explain why our geography is important in this process.
when a sow gives birth to piglets 4 months after mating with a male. 12 piglets are born at a time after they suckle for 5 weeks
In what ways did the cultivation of this pig contribute to U.S. and expansion and success as a world power?
It gave us meat,dug holes,and made matches.
My other interesting things i have learned about a pigs is.
it help people farm.
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