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Jack Lewis

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of 4-1

The Haitian
Earthquake The Aftermath Earthquake left many people homeless and
injured and destroyed 90% of buildings with
316,000 people dead. By: Scott Toner
Jack Lewis and
Jake Urbain Food Some Haitians eat cookies made of dirt
They eat vegetable oil to satisfy their hunger
Others can only afford rice Diseases Over half a million were infected with cholera. Health Not much clean drinking water = lots of sickness Injured 300,000 people were injured Damage Most destructive event
any country has ever experienced and 16,500 schools were destroyed. The Earthquake 7.0 maginitude
and 59 after shocks When it Happened January 12, 2010 Poverty about 500,000 people live
in extreme poverty Red cross They have provided sanitation for more than 545,000 people
They have invested a total of 64 million dollars
They have helped repair many homes Also infected with diphtheria The UN Sent $10 million
from emergency fund Homes 4,300,000
homes destroyed 1.5 million
homeless They say" 1/10 of diseases can be
prevented if we improve the water
supply". How we would help We would have a basketball
game and all the money earned would go to Red Cross
because they have provided water and sanitation for more than 545,000 people and they have invested $64 million "Haiti's unnatural disaster." New York Times 24 Aug. 2012: A24(L). New York Times. Web. 28 Feb. 2013.

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