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NMP of Add Book Title

No description

Lauren G

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of NMP of Add Book Title

Add term
Add terms being compared & contrasted
Explain how they are similar in detailed sentences with page number(s).
Explain how they are different in detailed sentences with page number(s).
Explain your cause and two or more effects in three or more detailed sentences.
Monday, November 3, 2014
Add topic
Topic and Thematic Links
Provide topic
Explain how your book is related to conflict, technology, obesity, or an environmental concern in detailed sentences. Then, explain how your book is related to quarter two's theme of "The World around Us" in detailed sentences. If you have time at the end, you may insert a different picture to the left that represents your book.
Provide topic and the categories it is divided in. Explain each of the categories; be sure to have three or more categories. (Example: sentence about topic, introduce one category and explain, introduce second category and explain, and introduce third category and explain.
NMP of Add Book Title
In complete sentences, define your term by quoting its definition either from the book or a dictionary. Be sure to include your source and page number. Also, include the exact sentence the word was used in with quotation marks and a page number. Then, explain what that word means to you.
Use page 7 of your agenda book to provide a MLA citation of your book. Pay close attention to punctuation in the sample. Remember, if the citation goes onto a second line, that line is indented.
Add Chart, Table, or Timeline
Insert saved powerpoint image by clicking on "Insert" above and then "powerpoint" at the bottom.
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