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Introduction to Argument - AP Language/IB/11 ELA

No description

Michelle Shimmin

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Argument - AP Language/IB/11 ELA

Argument can be ANY text - written, spoken, or visual - that expresses a point of view.
What is an argument?
Is it this?
Or this?
What about this?
How does the speaker APPEAL to the audience?
Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion
Rhetorical Triangle
(Logical Appeals)
(Emotional Appeals)
(Ethical Appeals)
What is the MESSAGE?
Intended/Ideal Audience

Audience existing in the writer's mind
Invoked Audience
Audience represented in the text.
Real Readers
Audience as they actually exist.
Context: You were working on an important paper due for class the next period. You decided to take a break and play some video games. Unfortunately, you deleted your paper. It is gone for good!
Write a note to your teacher.
If people are using the same experience as a base of writing, why does it "sound" different?
Write a note to your friend explaining what happened.
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