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The Interactive Computing Unit

Sean Alm

on 26 May 2009

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Transcript of ICU

I.C.U. The interactive computing unit!! Why would you want it? Increased productivitry at work by becoming more organized.
Never forget what you saw with a true photographic memory.
Ansewr your own questions and learn as you go with object recognition technology.
Who would want it? Business people
Military personel
Busy parents

Anyone who would enjoy having the most advanced multi-purpose personal electronic device on the market today. The I.C.U Order yours today!! 1. describe product
2. defend why you believe there is a market (what is the market)
3. pricing
4. where will we sell it?
5. how will we promote it?
That's the gist of it
$799 All the features of a modern smartphone such as the iphone and more!
3g internet connection
Calendar application
Program your own apps
Fun apps such as face paint
Software such as windows or linux OS
Mp3 player
Speech to text software (not included)
32 gb sd memory card
Upgradeable up to 1tb
Download tv shows directly to ICU (not included)
Specialized features:
Built in photographic/videographic memory
Look up or down to toggle screen Females
sleek and sexy

Young people
power rangers

Business type
not flashy
solid color

means business
masculine Different Styles Features TV advertisements
Internet marketing
ICU.com Website
Traveling Sales Demo
Magazine/Catalog How We Will Sell It Where We Will Sell It Technology Stores/Retailers
Through our interactive website (ICU.com)
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