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Marina writing tasks

No description

andrew bruff

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Marina writing tasks

Writing to argue To present reasons for or against something Write an article for a newspaper about a TV programme you love and/or hate. 'A' GRADE SUCCESS CRITERIA: Presents a range of reasons to back up their argument
Uses a wide range of punctuation
Employs a variety of techniques (DAFOREST)
Exhibits a wide vocabulary STAGE ONE: PLAN FOR CONTENT REASONS FOR 'Eastenders' Makes me feel better about my life Relaxing to watch Come up with at least five good points for your argument STAGE 2: PLAN FOR SKILLS DAFOREST Do you like to relax? Soaps are sexy! 9/10 children who watch soaps say they enjoy them. STAGE 3: PLAN YOUR SECOND GUESSING Anticipate how your reader will respond and argue against those points It's so depressing
The acting is rubbish STAGE 4: PLAN YOUR CONNECTIVES
As a result
In the same way
In contrast
On the other hand
In particular
Above all
In addition
What’s more
For example
For instance STAGE 5: WRITE YOUR ANSWER Write an email to famous recording artist Rachael Poulloin, in which you argue that she should perform at your school on Friday. rpoulloin@lipson.plymouth.sch.uk Working hard all day, there's no doubt that you deserve to relax when you get home. Yes, you could engage in sports, but let's face it: you're too tired!

The BBC offers a wide range of sophisticated programming, from University Challenge to Prime Minister's Question Time, but the intellectual rigor of these shows is too demanding for what you need; this is where Eastenders comes in.

Simple and refreshing, Eastenders sprang onto our screens in 1985, and has hooked the nation ever since. Some may say that it is too depressing but I disagree: the more depressing the better! Subconsciously we all love to watch this show and the burdensome lives led by the characters; it makes us feel better about our own! Compared to Ian Beale, our own problems simply fade away into insignificance.
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