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Comedy from 1660-1899

The Characteristics of comedy of the era Society in comedies Irony in comedy

Kristi Lathrop

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Comedy from 1660-1899

Characteristics Comedy blundering melodrama farce and recovery satire irony Irony I know something you don't know Dramatic Irony Said is different than implied Rhetorical Irony I don't care (but I do) Examples in
the Society of the Romantic Era Bachelors in debt blunder and recovery Guardians have the final say in a girls marriage BUT People still believe marriages
should be made for love. rhetorical irony AND If you are not from the right cirlces and you love each other. No chance of wedding bells. With rich old uncles Examples The Importance of
Being Earnest John Worthing is not worthy to be married to Gwendolen Fairfax. He has a decent amount of money. However, he is a is a foundling. The School for Scandal Charles Surface is in love with Maria. However, Charles is beleived to be a rogue. The marriage will not be allowed. Charles Surface is in debt until his uncle, Sir Oliver, decides to make him his heir. caricature William Hogarth The Enraged Musician Characters and Caricatures Women and men would gather around and create gossip and lies to try and bring disgrace to other people. An Elegy of a Mad Dog The dog bit the man. However, the man lived and the dog died from the bite. Famous satirist and caricaturist
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