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Christianity Religion

Christianity project

sarah villegas

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Christianity Religion

Christian Branches
Christianity celebrations
Protestants believe that the old testament has 39 books
Eastern Orthodox Christians believe that old testament 51 books
Catholics believe that the old testament has 46 books
Protestants believe

Life after Death
Justification By Faith
A group of three people.
The Christian Godhead as one
God in three persons
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
a group of three people or things.
Life after Death
Christian beliefs about the afterlife vary slightly between denominations and individual Christians
, but the vast majority of
Christians believe heaven is a place where believers go upon dying in order to enjoy the presence of God
A person who is as holy or virtuous and typically thinks as being in heaven after death.
showing standards
Justification By Faith
It is God's action of declaring righteous the unrighteous sinner who has faith in Jesus Christ.
Mardi Gras
It is the day for eating up the last of the rich foods that remain in the house and for having a big party before a long period of time.
All Saints' Day
All Saints' Day is celebrated on 1 November by parts of Western Christianity, and on the first Sunday after Pentecost in Eastern Christianity, in honor of all the saints, known and unknown.
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is the sixth Sunday of Lent and the last Sunday before Easter. It is also known as Passion Sunday, Willow Sunday, and Flower Sunday.
Reformation Day
Reformation Day is a Protestant Christian holiday celebrated in remembrance of the Reformation, ignited by Martin Luther, particularly by Lutheran and some Reformed church communities.
Religion Facts
-Founded by Jesus Christ

-Christianity is one of the most influential religions in world history
Christians number almost 2 billion at the beginning of the 21st century and can be found in every corner of the globe
By : Sarah Villegas
Christianity education words by the Bible.
Easter is the most important Christian festival , and the one celebrated with the other greatest joy . The date of Easter changes each year and several other Christians festivals fix their dates by reference to Easter.
-For the protection of wisdom is like the protection of money, and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it.
Christianity symbols
The Dome of the Rock
The Dome of the Rock is in the center of the Temple Mount, the site of the Jewish Second Temple.
The location is holy to Christians because of the role the Temple played in the life of Jesus. The Temple was destroyed in 70 CE by the Romans, who built a temple to Jupiter on the site.
Pilgrims came by the tens of thousands to experience the places where Jesus walked.
What is Christianity
How do Christians Pray?
the state or quality of being serious and dignified.
What is Heaven
Heaven is a special place located in the sky . It is where dead people go to , but not every one could go only the people who believe in god. Some people call it Afterlife.
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