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No description

Aurora Olson

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of H2O

Characters: *Caspar (Ruby's crush, blond hair, plays in a band), *Lee (short for Leonie,Ruby's best friend), *Ruby (Died red hair, painted orange skin, main character, lives in Dartbridge), *Zak (party man,parents are really chill, parents gave him marijuana), *Simon (Ruby's step dad, Henry's dad), *Henry (Ruby's half baby brother), *Saskia (snotty girl in Ruby's school group, Ruby's ok friend), *Darius (nerd at school, wears glasses,caring to others), *Princess (a mute girl that lost her family in the rain storms), *Whitby (Ruby's neighbors dog, a dope, loves to play), *Darling ( a chihuahua owned my Saskia's mom), *Ruby's Mom, and *Ruby's Dad.

Setting: Future/Modern day, super market, Ruby's house, Zak's party/ house.
Rising Action
1. Mrs. Fitch comes over to Ruby's house to get help for her husband because he's been hit by the rain.
Ruby goes back home after being dumped off in the village and when she arrives at home she finds that the front door is unlocked. she goes inside and finds a note written on the wall in permanent marker saying....
By: Virginia Bergin
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Inciting Incident
Acid is in the rain and Caspar runs into the rain to get his Mp3 player and gets hit by the rain.
Ruby goes back to Zak's house to see her friends, but when she arrives every one is dead because they drank tea and tea uses water. She goes to collect everyone's phone so if a family member calls, (even though they cant) and Ruby finds that Saskia's stuff is gone and her body wasn't inside so Ruby thought that Saskia was still alive. She went to Saskia's house and found that she had packed and left. Ruby decided to take Saskia's mom's chihuahua named Darling.
Falling Action
Ruby goes to the police station so they can drive her to get to her dad, but when she arrives all the doors are blockaded. Ruby can see movement of people in the windows and that's when she realizes that they are prisoners. After Ruby faints she finds Darius Spratt and they let the prisoners free.
Moment of Final Suspense
The soldiers make her get back on the bus and drop her and the other people off in a village full of dead bodies.
2. Ruby's mother drops a box of
medicine out the window to give to
Mrs. Fitch who is standing in the rain.
While tossing the box out the window
Ruby's mother touches the rain and
doesn't realize it so she also touches
Henry (Ruby's half baby brother)
and they both die.
3. Simon and Ruby are the only ones
left of their household and have no
food and there is none at the grocery
store, they decide to go breaking into
peoples home for food and things to
drink. While walking in to one home
they find bottles of water unopened.
Simon finds one opened on the table,
he drinks it and that's when they find out
its all a trap and Simon has the diasease.
"Ruby- Where are you?! We are going
to get Grandma. Stay here! Back soon!

Love Dad and Dan :)"
They had both left a trail of kisses, but that message has been there for 3 weeks. "Now I wait for my dad till he comes."
Ruby goes back home and decides that the pets should be let out. She started with Whitby her neighbors dog. Then she went to the next house and Whitby followed. He wanted to play fetch or tug of war so he ripped a arm off a dead body. Such a dope Ruby thought. She got the Animals in the car and left. She comes to a gas station and finds Darius and Princess. Some of the dogs get out all except for Darling and Whitby. Darius and Princess get in the car.
Ruby heard from someone that the water in the town pool isn't poisned so they go their and leave the dogs and Princess in the car just in case something bad happens. When Ruby and Darius are in line a drunk man comes in a firetruck and uses poisned water to spray out of the hose. Ruby and Darius hide in a closet and hold the door shut so no one could get in. Ruby asks Darius if he has any final wishes. Darius answers that he wants her to kiss him even though he's a nerd and she's a popular girl. Ruby kisses him anyway. After that it was silent so they opened the door and everyone was dead. They inched out slowly, and carefully. When they got out they made it back in the car and let Whitby out cause he was whimpering.
When Whiby got out he went over to a puddle and DRINKS THE WATER ITS WATER FROM THE RAIN WHICH IS POISEN!!! (its harmless to animals though.) Once Ruby saw the water dripping from Whitby's mouth she knew she had to stay away from him. Ruby and Darius got in the car with Princess and Darling already in. Since Whitby was such a dope he was trying to find away in. Ruby felt really bad in her mind Whitby was saying "Hey! What are you guys doing? Let me in." Ruby had to drive away from Whitby crying her eyes out. Whitby plopped down onto the middle of the road and started to howl and whimper with i really sad face.
While driving to Ruby's dad's they find a family and decide to follow them. As they go under a bridge to go to the town that they're going to they see two men with machine guns in their hand. When they get into the town they find a soldier campground that is taking people to a safety place.
Ruby decides she needs to find her dad so she leaves Darius, Darling, and Princess at the camp and runs away with soldiers screaming for her to come back.
Ruby arrives at her dad's appartment and screams his name. When no one answers she runs inside and finds he packed and left. She decides to go back to the camp with Darius and Princess.
While walking back to the camp she stops at a clothes shop and a lady chooses the dress, shoes, and does her makeup and hair. Ruby leaves looking as stylish as ever. She takes an airplane, a train, and a bus to get to the camp. The soldier lets her talk to Darius and right next to Darius is... SASKIA!!!!! Ruby goes and talks to them for a while then a soldier comes to Ruby and shoves her back on the bus.
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